Things that have gone – 20

My decluttering continues in the background. I have sold and given away a few more things.

  1. Vintage skirt
  2. Vintage dress
  3. Free gift from Boots
  4. Clothes rail (Yes, I’ve managed to downsize my clothing that much that I can let go of my additional clothing rail!)
  5. Handheld vacuum cleaner (thought it was worth a try on Freecycle, but was not powerful enough to bother with)
  6. Cardboard boxes
  7. Sewing thread case
  8. Old pram mattress

I’ve also cleared out a storage box and an old lampshade, that if no-none wants on Freecycle – will go to the charity shop.

Stay tuned for my next update!

Stuff that’s been leaving my life!



I thought you might be interested to see some of the stuff that’s been leaving my life. I wish I had taken a picture of it all in a room, so I could visualise just how much has gone! Instead, I’m going to compile a list- it might not be everything in minutiae because I think that might be boring for us all. But here goes!

  1. Wedding Dress (one of the biggest things I’ve got rid of, in terms of size and value and emotional attachment!)
  2. University textbooks- numbering at least 20
  3. Other books- I should say about 40 have gone
  4. DVDs
  5. CDs
  6. Ornaments
  7. Clothing
  8. Shoes
  9. Crockery
  11. Jewellery
  12. Toiletries
  13. Soft toys
  14. Make-up
  15. Vases
  16. Food Processors and blenders
  17. Kitchen Utensils
  18. Electronics
  19. Wet suit
  20. Storage units
  21. Sewing machine
  22. Peg bag
  23. Furniture
  24. Bags
  25. Wigs
  26. Watches
  27. Fancy dress items
  28. Musical instruments
  29. Board games
  30. and more!

I have to say I am completely shocked at the amount of stuff I had squirrelled away in my house that I was just not using. I barely feel like I’ve made a dent in the ‘stuff’. But I am starting to feel like my living space is clearer now and I have more room to breathe and be creative. I know I can lose much, much more in my journey towards minimalism. But I am already feeling the benefits- emotionally and financially!