Still going!


I’m still going. Slowly, but surely I am getting rid of stuff. Today I took 2 boxes of books we unearthed in our loft to the charity shop. I constantly have items listed on eBay too. Yesterday saw the sale of a DVD, a slow cooker that was still new in its box from our wedding and a pair of lampshades that didn’t go with our new decor. The day before I shipped a hifi, we only need one! And a clock, again we only need one!

A quick look down my eBay list reveals these items have also gone;

  1. DVDs
  2. Minidisc player
  3. Bass amp
  4. Bass guitar and music books (husband meant to learn and never did!)
  5. Clothing
  6. Curtains
  7. Airbed
  8. Timer switches (brand new, never used!)
  9. Water feature for garden
  10. Dusting mop
  11. Garden furniture (you only need one set!)
  12. Bath panel (didn’t fit our bath in the end, brand new)
  13. Beach shelter
  14. Butterfly feeder
  15. Radiator caps (came with our new radiators, but we didn’t use all the sizes)
  16. Canvas wardrobe
  17. Dining chairs
  18. Desk fan
  19. Dressing table
  20. Bikinis (brand new with tags and never worn)

Well, that’s 20 items out of our lives in the last month and some! Some items we sold multiples of. I can start to see the clear surfaces in our house now and the floor!

I wonder how many more things I can apply Joshua Becker’s principle of ‘you only need one’ too. What items have you only kept one of?