On my way to a Minimalist Wardrobe!


I’ve made some real progress since I wrote: https://minimalistexposure.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/this-is-not-a-minimalist-wardrobe/ These 3 boxes/ bags full of clothes have been donated to charity!

There is possibly a 4th bag to follow (I admit I am having a hard time parting with certain items- “just in case” I might need to wear them again). I know it’s silly, but this is a journey and I’m taking it a few steps at a time. I’ve sold a few items on eBay- netting myself £50 which ‘ain’t bad’. The daft thing about eBay is that some of these items I’ve sold for more than they cost me new! Now I’ll admit that’s mostly due to my savvy shopping habits- outlet stores, sales & T.K. Maxx, but still- the world is a little bit nuts!

I’ll post some updated shots of my wardrobe in due course, just to prove that I’ve got more space in it now. But, those 2 boxes you see in the second shot- they are down to 1 box. YAY! Go me. I’ve popped some suits on a local Facebook selling group, but as yet have had no takers. When I get some more free listings, I will be putting more stuff on eBay.

I’ve not been perfect, I made several purchases recently- guilty of shopping on eBay, in charity shops and at a vintage fair. I guess I’m a work in progress. I made endeavours to sell a large bag of my vintage clothing to a dealer, but when I visited the shop he wasn’t available. I will need to make an appointment if I go back, however I’m starting to consider doing vintage fairs myself. I mean, I have a real eye for the clothes that are good quality and sought after names. Why not indulge my passion for shopping and the thrill of searching out a bargain, whilst making money out of it and having even more fun?! That probably isn’t compatible with being a Minimalist is it?

Zero waste sandwiches/ packed lunches

IMG_2785 IMG_2786 IMG_2787 IMG_2789 IMG_2788

I’ve been trying out different ideas to wrap sandwiches in lunch boxes that didn’t involve clingfilm. Sure there’s baking parchment or foil, but those are still wasteful, if not more easily recycled. I tried using napkins but it seemed like everything stuck to them- especially if you are using seeded bread. Even after 4 times through the washing machine, I could not get them clean! Hardly environmentally friendly.

I’ve been reading about beeswax cloths and thinking about making my own sandwich wraps from oilcloth or similar, which would be wipe clean. The problem was I suspected that much of the cloth available to me was actually PVC wipe clean table cloth material, so plastic basically! There is also the problem of me getting round to making them, since I am a novice on the sewing machine and I never seem to find the time.

Then I spotted these funky monkey Boc’N Roll sandwich wraps by rolleat. These are similar: Boc’N Roll Light Green. They were in the sale at Lakeland (sadly now sold out!) and at only £3.99 each reduced from £9.99 each, they were basically a no-brainer. I ordered two and we have been pleasantly surprised by how easy to use they are. Thank goodness they come with pictorial instructions, as the written English ones are a little lacking (this being a Spanish designed and made product). You simply put your sandwiches in the middle, fold in the sides and wrap over the ends- just like wrapping a parcel! Only this one fastens with velcro. Now, I suspect that this product is ultimately largely made of plastic- it has a wipe clean surface, a nylon outer and velcro fastening. So, whilst this may not be for everybody- this should stand many years of use before wearing out and I just felt it was a more sustainable option than clingfilm. They can be wiped clean or machine washed.

This is not a sponsored post, but you can view more at: http://rolleat.com/en/ I really like the look of their other products too- very practical. I’m not sure if they ship outside of Spain. It seems like Barcelona/ Spain is streets ahead of us in the UK- Zero Waste wise.  I’m lucky that I managed to get hold of the sandwich wraps via Lakeland but they are discontinuing them 😦 Looks like this wonderful idea did not catch on here!

Have you come across this range before? Do you use something similar for your lunches? Tell us more!

This is NOT a Minimalist Wardrobe!

IMG_2778 IMG_2779

OK, I’m going to share with you my dirty little secret. I’m a clothes addict- there I said it, but I’m trying to break my addiction. As you can see from these pictures- I can no longer fit anything else in my wardrobe. I’ve got clothes on top of clothes on top of clothes, on some hangers. I realise that I probably only wear 1/4- 1/2 of my wardrobe regularly and I acknowledge how silly that is. I have boxes full of clothes that need to find new homes and I also have drawers containing yet more clothing. I’m too embarrassed to share it all in one sitting- although I probably should!

I recently pulled down a suitcase full of old clothes from the loft. I have increased a few sizes in recent years due to some health problems and then, shrunk again a little- although never back to my original size. I kept just my favourite items of clothing and gave the rest away via Freecycle in 2012. However, I had to acknowledge that I was never going to shrink back into many of these items. Although I have put a few back into circulation and it’s great- new clothing for free! It feels new, after so many years being stashed out of sight! However, some are just too small or are not something I’m going to wear now at my age.

As usual, I’d prefer to re-coup some cash if at all possible and so I’ve begun the process of eBaying them. I’ve sold 10 items so far, so it’s very slow progress. I know I’m going to have to donate a whole load to charity! I’ve sold 1 pair of shoes, 2 skirts, 2 dresses, 4 bras and 1 pair of trousers. But I probably have 50 items to go! It is sobering to look at all this clothing, to see how little some of it has been worn, to think about what I was thinking when I bought it and to see so much waste. I think it’s going to take me some time to unpick more of the psychological side- the thought process that allows me to keep on buying. I know I’m a sucker for seeing a fabric I like and picking up that item. But obviously my shopping is based on want and not need. That is something I need to rectify.

I’m really pleased that I’ve been able to start to tackle this area of my life. I’ve avoided it mostly since starting to minimise in 2012, but it’s a milestone that I’ve reached the point where I feel able to start.

Now it’s time for confession: What’s your area of weakness? Do you plan to tackle it sometime?