My name is Lizz and I created this blog to record my journey into minimalism, as that is what I realised I was doing. My journey was triggered by several debilitating lifelong health conditions, which led me to question everything. In questioning the meaning of life afresh and maybe because of my personal experiences of poor health, I noticed there was a desire emerging from within to rid myself of ‘stuff’. It was like I had fresh eyes all of a sudden; I realised how empty all of the stuff was, how it had never brought me the promised happiness and how it holds no answer to the massive, unanswered questions in my life.

So, I began to divest myself of the stuff. In doing so, I also looked on the internet for inspiration or answers to some of my questions, explanations for the way I was feeling. I struck upon blogs relating to minimalism. Suddenly I had something I could relate to, which made some kind of sense of my current position. Where once I relied upon religion to provide this, when it could offer no decent explanation of my situation- I moved away from it. However, in some strange way- minimalism may allow me an opportunity to try and bring together the two estranged halves of my life and my religion but definitely not in a traditional sense. It may be that minimalism just allows me to be more charitable.

In the beginning, I was not entirely at ease with my situation. But it has brought me to this place in my life where I can learn something new. I started to feel like I could find some meaning in my life again and so began my exposure to minimalism. If you Google the word ‘minimalism’, you will find that it is work set out to expose the essence of identity of a subject through eliminating all non-essential forms, features of concepts (Source- Wikipedia).

My journey has since evolved to incorporate a Zero Waste lifestyle (after a chance encounter with a library book!) which I feel is entirely compatible with Minimalism. In-fact it really should be part of a Minimalist lifestyle, in my humble opinion. I have also been able to learn a great deal about money-saving and non-traditional work opportunities. I hope that my blog can be a vehicle for me to exchange useful information with other like-minded individuals.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Your story sounds similar to mine in some ways. I too have been thinking an awful lot about the meaning of life, the meaning of my life, my purpose, and feeling quite lost. I’ve bought “stuff” to try and fill the void and apart from the momentary excitement when that “stuff” is purchased, it’s short-lived.

    I heard about The Minimalists a few years’ ago and read some of their articles but then kind of forgot about them. Now, I’m listening to their podcasts and vlogs on youtube, and getting great inspiration. “Trash is for Tossers” is another great site on zero waste.

    I’ve been doing a lot of decluttering these past few weeks. I still don’t feel satisfied even though I have got rid of pretty much most of the things I no longer need. It’s a good start though. perhaps the next step of my journey is about making changes so that I reduce my waste. i’m also interested in buying products with less packaging (e.g., shampoos) and also products that don’t test on animals. I have a long way to go.

    Glad I found your blog 🙂

    • I’ve found it to be a real journey – in so many aspects. Every time I think I’ve decluttered as much as I can, I end up coming back and getting rid of some more. I’ve needed to do it in stages I think, otherwise it would have been too much – physically and emotionally. The more I’ve read on the internet and in books over the years, the more ideas get added in my brain about the concepts of minimalism, decluttering, simple living, frugality, old fashioned ways of doing things and just different ways of living. For example, have you heard of tiny homes? I love watching documentaries on those 🙂 And along side all of this, I’ve found myself reconnecting with spiritual ideas – again through reading and the like. It’s as though everything needed to be smashed to pieces, in order to be put back together again but in a new way perhaps?

      • I totally feel like this is helping me reconnect with spirituality, which is another part of me I feel I’ve lost. It’s like scaling back and focusing on the fundamentals. We can get lost in consumerism and “stuff”. I’ve seen something in the Minimalists documentary about a company that build homes which are really cleverly designed (e.g., cupboards/beds that go into the walls). I think that’s such a great idea. We rent our house and I’m so tempted to downsize if we move so we are forced again to prioritise what we keep! Like you, I’m soaking in as much from the internet as I can. I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed and like I have to do everything right away. I’m loving what I’m learning and going to try and put as much as I can into practice 🙂

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