Continuing to shed possessions

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This is a stack of silverware that I inherited from my Grandparents. I think it’s lovely- all in gorgeous little cases, with silk and velvet linings. It feels really special. Not least because of the heritage attached to it. But, it sat in our loft for over 10 years- only being used once or twice. I don’t feel justified in keeping it. Particularly when you look at the bits in the lovely cases- coffee spoons, grapefruit spoons, nutcrackers and pastry forks. It doesn’t particularly look like my grandparents ever used these either. Sure, I remember the day-to-day items- the knives, forks and spoons. I wonder if they were given them as a wedding present and felt obliged to keep them their whole lives- just incase?

We have a set of knives, forks and spoons that is dishwasher safe and just more stylish and practical for us. I asked around the family and my brother is going to take these. I bet they will sit in his loft too! But we shall see. At least I do not have the burden of them any longer!