I think it must be the signs of spring that have put me in the mood to spring clean! Since we moved into our new place, around 18 months ago- several pieces of furniture have become redundant. First off we sold our hifi and really haven’t missed it, but we kept the stand and used it to store CDs and board games. But it’s been bugging me that it seems like an unnecessary piece of furniture. Then, we changed our 3-piece suite and got fancy recliners! This meant that we couldn’t have our coffee table out and use the recliner function. So the coffee table got pushed into a corner and has mostly just accumulated clutter ever since! We have a nest of tables in this matching set and although they are still useful, we worry about the safety of our nephews when they come round because they have glass tops and sharp corners. With 2 out of the 3 pieces now redundant, it seems like a good excuse to sell the set and that’s exactly what we’re hoping- as I’ve listed it for sale on eBay.

I’ve read so many other bloggers and minimalist writers saying that flat surfaces accumulate clutter and it’s so true. In order to prepare these items for sale, I had to remove all the trinkets and other stuff that had accumulated. It’s forced me to file away papers and return things to their proper places. But it’s also made me find new homes for other things. I’ve also put lots of these on eBay too- I’ve currently got 50 items on there and a few have sold already. I wonder how many will sell? Have you had many eBay successes when decluttering?

We would like to get another nest of tables, so they’ll sit inside one another when not all needed. We use them regularly for putting drinks on. But it has made me think that you really only need a tiny surface to rest a cup on. Maybe I’ll be able to find some truly tiny, minimalist side tables?! I think it’s more likely that I’ll beg a set from my parents, who have two and help them minimise in the process!

I think it’s great to regularly go through your stuff, particularly in an item of furniture. You take everything out and it really makes you consider if you need it. If you haven’t used it in a year or more, then it’s usually time to pass it on. It’s also been an eye-opener for me because a lot of these items are impulse purchases from charity shops. It’s easy to kid yourself that it doesn’t matter as much because it’s cheap. But I’ve still been wasting money on items I haven’t used. Not financially sensible, nor from a minimalist perspective either! I am trying to have more resolve to window shop and stay away from so-called bargains! If I don’t actually NEED the item, then really I should just be walking away. I think I also need to find a new leisure activity- I’ve become slightly addicted to visiting charity shops. Is anyone else out there a little bit addicted to charity shops? Share your tips please 🙂