Minimalism in Pictures- Our House

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I love reading other people’s blog posts where they show pictures of their house. It’s then I think I can really see minimalism in action and think about changes I might make. Well, here is our house! After about 18 months of minimising, I am finally happy to take pictures. I couldn’t really show you before and after pictures as we’ve only lived here 8 months, so it would be kinda hard to tell!

Anyhow, I think you can really see that most superfluous items have now gone. I’m not saying we’ve arrived, I don’t think minimalism is a destination- it’s a journey. I can still see areas where I want to clear the surfaces and I know I’ve got a hidden stash of stuff to be car booted- just waiting for the next car boot!

Essentially minimalism is about having the basics, the stuff you actually need and getting rid of the rest that only serves to distract. Well I truly feel I’ve arrived at the point at which I can testify to the benefits of minimalism. Now I am able to focus on tasks that I want to achieve because I have the space to be able to do so and less to stop me from getting there. I spend less time on managing the distractions- whether that’s cleaning, repairing or just feeling guilty about projects started but not finished etc. I feel free, even my husband agrees that the house feels healthier, flows better and feels like we can ‘breathe’. I believe that clutter stifles creativity and that could be enough to distract you from your true purpose in life. I hope in future posts to write about the things we have begun to achieve. Whether it’s a craft project, something musical, baking or just writing a letter or diary entry.

Life is simpler when you have JUST what you need. I look at advertising differently now, it annoys me because it is so stupid and I just don’t fall for their tricks (not that I ever did that much before, but I am seeing it in a whole new light since minimising). I am more considerate about each and every purchase I bring into my home, from looking at its packaging, to whether we really need it and it’s long-term ownership costs (like repair and disposal). This applies not only to larger purchases, but small things like food too.

Anyway, I’ve touched on lots of things here, some of which I hope to come back to in future posts.

Thanks for journeying with me!