Resuable Vs Disposable Nappies – Pampers Pure

I was all for cloth nappies before I had my baby – good for my pocket, good for the environment, right? Well, that may be true but then the realities of parenting hit – the lack of sleep, being out and about, not being able to leave the room long enough to hang out the washing, let alone the fact that our baby seems to hate cloth nappies. The first time we tried them he went from being a normal, contented baby who took regular naps –  to being sleepless, hot, uncomfortable and generally extremely grouchy. For no other reason than the nappy!

We’ve tried them again several times, but the wraps seem to cut into his skin and they’re so bulky, he can hardly bend his legs. They make him hot- granted we have had an extremely hot summer, but I really don’t get all these people who say that they’re breathable. And then there’s the fact he’s literally sitting in urine for hours, you have to change them much more frequently than disposables and that’s before we even get to the washing of them all! This is also all complicated by my health conditions which mean I have limited energy. I have very quickly realised that I want to spend the best of my health and time with my baby and not completing household chores (which have gone out of the window anyway, since I simply don’t have time nor energy to complete them).

So I was happy when Pampers sent me a packet of their new Pure nappies and wipes to try. We haven’t been using wipes, but I recently bought a packet of Water Wipes for our holiday as you can’t be out and about, trying to mess around with cotton wool and water, when your baby has had a poo’splosion!!! I’m certain from writing this blog, that there are plenty of other parents out there who want to choose a more natural option for their family, but practicality has to come first.

The Pampers Pure nappies are really thick and good quality, even more premium than their premium protection which is what we had been using. That’s a big deal, as so many natural nappies and similar products just don’t hold up in use, breaking apart. They have these cute little designs on them – there are a couple more which I didn’t have the opportunity to photograph, I’d describe them as abstract art. Pampers say they contain less chemicals than their standard or premium nappies, which I’ll have to take their word for as I’m not a scientist. I’ve had absolutely no leaks whilst using these which I know isn’t always the case with other nappies. They also don’t leave any red marks on my baby’s skin which is a major concern for me.

The only major downside for me, is that it’s really hard to tell which is the front and which is the back, so I keep putting them on backwards. The tabs are white which make them hard to see and these are just really difficult, compared to their standard or premium nappies which I’ve never had this problem with.

The Pampers Pure wipes are easy to use; aren’t all wipes?! Whilst remaining tough, durable and don’t irritate my baby’s skin. As with all wipes, I keep these for cleaning up poo and when out and about only because I don’t want to be putting a lot of these in the bin to respect our planet.

Overall, these nappies are made from cotton, plant-based materials and other ‘thoughtfully selected’ (not sure what that means)! materials. I like the fact that there is an easily available option out there on the high street, for those of us who want a purer option but for whom reusables are just not going to work. There isn’t a perfect option out there and whilst I’d prefer not to be clogging up landfill with disposable nappies, we have to choose something that works for both us and our children.

How do you wash your dishes?

Dishwasher Hand wash dishes

The great debate of the moment in our house is how to wash the dishes.

As you know, we recently moved house. Unfortunately our dishwasher didn’t survive the move and so we were forced back to washing all of our dishes by hand. This led to some interesting discussions on how we should approach dish washing in the future.

Now we used to live in a tiny, one-bed flat. We didn’t have room for a dishwasher, even though we wanted one! So every night, we would have a big pile of dishes to wash. It was always the last thing we felt like tackling, after a hard days work. You’ve just eaten a big meal and sat down to relax, when you remember that enormous pile of dirty dishes. You know you must tackle them tonight, or you won’t have the crockery and pans you need for tomorrow. You also need the kitchen counter space back, as your kitchen is so tiny. It was never something we looked forward to and washing dishes seemed to take over half our lives!

Now I cook everything from scratch- eating take-away or even a ready-meal is a very rare occurrence in our house. One of us also has a  special dietary requirement and so, all of this equals extra pans and dishes- usually at least twice as many.  We didn’t look forward to having guests over- partly because it was a massive squeeze to get even two more people around the table. Dishing up the food was tough because there wasn’t enough space to lay out the plates and the pots it had been cooked in. But mostly because the pile of dishes would become extreme. We worked out we were spending at least an hour a day washing and drying dishes, this doubled if we had guests or if I baked a cake, for example. The task felt endless.

And so, I have to laugh at these minimalist bloggers who are proponents of having as few dishes as possible and washing up by hand. They must be mad, I think. Although I know that washing dishes by hand uses less water, which is great for the environment and your pocket if you are on a meter. But, using a dishwasher is more hygienic and gets the dishes to a higher temperature during the wash. Sure, dishwashers ruin your glassware faster and no doubt take the pattern of your crockery faster too. But how do you manage, maybe they’re not bakers and home cooks?

But what about you, my readers? Do you wash dishes by hand or do you have a dishwasher? What difference does either make to your life? What are the reasons for your choice? I would love to hear your thoughts. Come on- join the debate!