Candlelight- an alternative to electricity?


Does anyone live by candlelight as an alternative to electricity? My husband and I would be interested to hear from anyone who does! Or who has tried it. We are considering trying living by candlelight as part of our minimalist adventures. Our reasons are manifold; it will potentially save us money with the rising cost of electricity here in the UK. It might allow us to re-connect with the past- in the sense that families all used to live by candlelight. It will allow our natural circadian rhythms to kick in more and might even aid our sleep. It’s beautiful and atmospheric- candlelight is so soft and ambient and watching that flickering flame is fascinating. Plus, I love the smell and artistic nature of candle smoke- the way it snakes and curls and leaves trails in the air. I’m sure that a member of the Fire Service will be horrified by our suggestion, but we are going to give it a try.