Switching to more sustainable alternatives

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I’m always looking to make sustainable switches now I’ve learned about going Zero Waste. Here are a couple of examples. I’ve used up the last of the green nylon scourers I always used to purchase without thinking. Instead, I’ve bought these cloths from E-Cloth. The large grey one is a e-cloth – Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth and the smaller one is a e-cloth – Washing Up Pad. I will see which works best for us and then probably purchase a couple more, as I only do hot washes once a fortnight.

On the other side, I am using up the last of my disposable feminine care products. Since I can’t use 1 Pack of Mooncup Menstrual Cup Size B 1 Pieces or the like for health-related reasons, I’ve decided to put my newly learnt sewing machine skills to the test. These are only my 3rd project and I found sewing round corners took some getting used to. I sewed my first one inside out (bottom right of picture) but since it won’t affect the function- I didn’t bother to unpick it.

I found lots of links by searching the topic ‘pantyliners pattern’ on Pinterest. I happened across this blog from there: https://sites.google.com/site/shewhorunsintheforest/008 I read through a few other sites, but this was one I felt I could attempt with my basic sewing skills and that I also felt met my needs. You will see from Pinterest that there are loads of ideas out there. I just downloaded the pattern and drew round it with a Sharpie. I was lucky enough to be given loads of winceyette off-cuts by my Mum who was downsizing her lifetime hoard of material. So these all hold memories of childhood PJs and nighties for me! Weird huh?! I bought metal poppers from my nearest haberdashers and Bob’s your Uncle! I am very pleased with the result- it’s satisfying to know I made these and there won’t be anymore paper/ plastic ones going to landfill everyday.

Next stop is to make proper sanitary towels, but I will need to buy some additional material for that. I will keep you posted with some more of my switches soon. In the mean-time, I’m heading back to my sewing machine! Chow for now.