Shop Around for Insurance!

I’ve written before about shopping around for insurance, and it’s that time of year for me again. There’s a part of me that hates it, well it is a bit of a chore. But the other part of me relishes the opportunity to save money! (Of course! Ha).

This year I couldn’t actually find any cheaper quotes for car insurance, but that didn’t stop me ringing up my current insurer and asking whether or not there would be any movement on my renewal price. I already knew their quote was £50 cheaper than anyone else, but they knocked a further £35 off! It just shows if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

So this is just a short post to encourage you to always ask for a better deal.

Viewsbank- Survey Site

Viewsbank* is a survey site I visit every few days. They are generally not high payers, but they offer lots of short few minute long surveys that pay a few pence each. This adds up each day and then they have some higher paying projects a few times per year. They have recently added Toluna surveys to their site, so surveys are becoming more frequent. (You can sign up to Toluna on their own site, but I got so sick of the high number of screen outs that I prefer to do them through other sites that assess your eligibility before you start).

If you input when your insurances are up for renewal, Viewsbank will contact you just prior and offer to pay you for getting your insurance quotes! This is usually around £25 and I think it is worthwhile for  getting 6 quotes and something I will be doing anyway. This payment then makes it easy to cash out with them. They are reliable payers, but unless you are going to to their insurance quote work, it is unlikely to be worthwhile. They upped their minimum payment threshold to £12 last year and it would take me years to get to that doing just their micro surveys. Although you may find it different, especially if you do Toluna surveys through them.

*I will get 10p if you sign up through my link.