How to get a Year’s Breakdown Cover for £50

Did you know you can use cashback sites to bring down the cost of your breakdown cover by more than half?! This year, at the time of my renewal Topcashback was offering the best deal. So I switched provider to the RAC and got a massive £66.50 in cashback just a few months later. This means my total cost for the year amounted to £50 and this included most options, except International Travel which I don’t need. Are you overpaying for your breakdown cover?

I’m a member of TopCashback amongst other sites, and I’ve made some great savings so far on my online shopping. There are no catches, and it’s completely free to join. So, why don’t you join too? So far I have earned £470.78 cashback!

Black Friday is finally here!

So, Black Friday is finally here and will put an end to all the hype. Did you make any purchases? I heard on the radio that most shoppers are choosing to make their purchases online this year, rather than in-store. I made none this year, I honestly couldn’t see a genuinely good deal out there for me and besides, there was nothing I needed to buy.


Quidco suffered a massive fail, as there site went down (presumably couldn’t cope with the volume of traffic! However, if you need to make a purchase then you may like to go through Swagbucks to get cashback. I can see that Holland and Barrett is offering 10% cashback today. And Thornton’s (which might be good for Christmas gifts) is offering 8% There are also some good deals with holiday sites like Thomson, if you fancy planning to get away from it all! Did you make any purchases? Why don’t you share some of the great deals you have found? Let me know.

Just for signing up through me, you can earn a 300 SB bonus if you earn 300 SB before December 1st – if you spend at least £25 shopping through Swagbucks during that time, you’ll get another 200 SB bonus!

Cashback Sites

Yesterday I wrote about how you can save money with shopping apps. Sometimes these are linked to cashback sites, so these seem to be the logical thing to talk about next.

A few years ago, I had never heard of cashback sites. I was hugely sceptical of them, having been brought up to believe that you don’t get anything for free in life. I checked around with some friends as to the legitimacy of them, before signing up. Moral of the story- I should have done it sooner! If you are going to buy something, then you should be checking every time whether you can get cashback, along with whether you can use a voucher code (more on that in my next post!)

These cashback sites will be relevant only to my UK readers, but you should check what is available in your own country. There are definitely cashback sites available in the USA for example. The first one I ever signed up to was Topcashback, it’s completely free to join (make sure you sign up for their ‘Classic’ account otherwise you’ll have to pay a small fee (I think it’s £5, but you might consider this worthwhile if you’re going to use it a lot as you’ll get preferential rates). Since I signed up, I’ve earnt over £369 in cashback. All you have to do is click through from their website, before completing your purchase. It’s not just clothes, cashback is available on almost anything these days. It’s well worth doing when you are due to renew any kind of insurance, or utilities provider. The only downside I have found with Topcashback is that transactions frequently get declined for no good reason and then, you don’t get your money. Another downside of all cashback sites is that there will be a delay in you getting your money, as they have to wait to get paid by the retailer. Some sites are better than others and I do find the Topcashback takes a very long time to pay out with a lot of retailers. However they do offer a huge variety of options for payout, including gift cards as well as BACs, straight to your bank account. (I will get a small reward if you sign up via my link above).

I mentioned Quidco yesterday, I don’t use them as often as Topcashback because I find their rates are often slightly lower (and I always go for the best deal!) However, each site will have special offers at different times, so it’s well worth being a member of several. I have found them more reliable than Topcashback for paying out, both in terms of tracking transactions and not declining them. I am a member of Quidco Basic, but you may consider it to be worthwhile to sign up to their premium account which costs £5 per year. We’ll each get £1.25 if you sign up using my link above.

A site I discovered quite recently, after a friend recommended it to me is iMutual. They are different to other cashback sites because they are a cooperative, owned and run by their members. As well as earning cashback, you earn shares in the company on every transaction. iMutual is free to join and is also an ethical cooperative, in addition they place a high value on their members privacy and security. I have only completed a few transactions with them and each time, they have had by far the best rate of pay and then often offer cashback where other sites do not. Also, they pay out extremely reliably and quickly. I cannot recommend them more highly and they pay out straight to your Paypal account, or BACS if you prefer. (If you sign up using my link, I’ll receive 100 shares in the company).

Finally, I sometimes use Swagbucks because they offer a part of their site called Shop & Earn, which is essentially cashback. They frequently have offers to make their site competitive, since this an area in which they are trying to build their business. They offer a huge range of sites, including a lot of American ones (since they are an American company). I have used them from time to time and I’ve found them to track reliably and pay out in a reasonable length of time. The other advantage is the huge variety of payout methods, since they offer a wide selection of gift cards, in addition to Paypal.

Several British banks are now offering cashback alongside their current accounts. I know that both Lloyds Bank and Natwest are doing this. I personally have found the payout rates to be very low and then you have to wait to hit a high payout threshold. Therefore they just haven’t been worthwhile to me.

With these sites now in your arsenal, you should be saving money in no time! Do you have any other cashback sites you can recommend?

Money-Saving Shopping Apps

It’s hard to decide what to tell you about next, but I’ve plumped for money-saving shopping apps. There are several out there and they really do help to cut your bill. I don’t use them all the time because I don’t tend to buy branded goods much of the time and I also try to support smaller, independent businesses for much of my shopping. However, as Zero Waste is a burgeoning concept in the UK and our shopping landscape is dominated by the supermarkets- I imagine these are going to be useful to a lot of people.

I think my favourite is Checkoutsmart, this is because they have a lot of completely free products on their weekly offers. Who doesn’t love trying something for free?! Take this week, for example, they have £179 worth of offers on their app. All you have to do is buy the product and upload your receipt. You get reimbursed with these apps into your bank account or Paypal account. My top tips are to make sure you’re buying the right product (check the variety and size carefully), in the right supermarkets (some offers are store specific) and take a legible photo of your receipt (don’t screw it up and then try to flatten it out!) Some apps have a minimum payment amount, or an amount above which you don’t have to pay a fee and others reimburse you after every purchase.

I’m not sure how it works, but I think Checkoutsmart must also own ClickSnap because you can’t redeem offers on both apps (I’ve tried!) ClickSnap is run by Quidco, a cashback site that I’ve been using for a while (more on that opportunity later). If you care to sign up to Quidco using my referral link we’ll both get £1.25 bonus.

Shopitize is another one of these apps, they sometimes have free products and lots of money off offers.

A new one that I’ve just discovered is Shopinium- They don’t have a website, just the app. They run on the same format and if you sign up using my referral code KYMYYHHW, you’ll get a free bar of Green and Black’s chocolate. I’ll also get a small amount as a thank you for you using my link.

There is also one called ShopScanSave but I found it awkward to use (you were supposed to show your barcode to the till operator) and it now isn’t displaying any offers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is no longer active. However, you might like to try it in your area.

I hope these apps allow you to save some money off your weekly shopping and enjoy some new products too. Thanks for reading!