Zero Waste Potato Crisps/ Chips/ Skins


There aren’t many left, as we ate about half already! I was making a fish pie this evening and I happened to have been reading my copy of The Tightwad Gazette this afternoon. I hit upon inspiration, after reading a recipe in there. These crisps/ chips (depending on where you live) are made from potato peelings. I just put some oil on the tray and sprinkled them with salt and pepper before roasting at 220 degrees C for around 8-10 minutes. They are simply delicious and completely waste free!¬†Furthermore, we discard the most nutritious part of the potato when we compost the skins. Or at least that’s what I was always told!

The recipe that inspired me suggested adding onion and garlic powder, taking them out at 10 minutes and sprinkling with grated cheese before returning to the oven for a few more minutes. This also sounds very tasty. After making these, I have persuaded my husband that we can stop buying crisps! This will eliminate possibly the largest part of our household’s waste- from crisp packets and the larger packets they come in.

I have also read about a microwave version which I hope to try in due course. Do you make your own potato crisps/ chips?