YouGov- Survey Site

EDIT: September 2018 – I’ve stopped using this site as it’s now taking almost 2 years to receive a £50 payout, despite doing almost every survey they send me. In my eyes, that’s a ridiculously low return and they’ve added in a lot of ways to take more of your time and effectively get extra info for free.

YouGov is another survey site, although it’s more of a slow burner for me, as it takes me about 1 year to work up to the £50 needed to receive a payout. Most of the surveys are either related to the UK Government and politics, or ITV. Occasionally they also have product surveys. I guess that’s because of their major clients?

They regularly send out email links to surveys which pay usually from 50 points upwards. The great thing is that most of their surveys are short 5-7 minutes, some 20 minute surveys and occasionally a longer one for 45 minutes to 1 hour (usually when you watch and rate a TV programme).

You need to be careful at the end of the survey not to click to enter the prize draw (unless that’s your thing) and keep your points in your account, so you can withdraw them as cash. Personally I’d rather have cold, hard cash than a ‘chance’ at a prize! I’ve never had a problem receiving payment. But details of the prize draw can be found here if that’s your thing, there are 5 cash prizes each month and then some bonus points. I feel that the chances of winning are small, given that they claim to have 800,000 UK respondents. If you got 50 points for completing a survey, I believe that would equate to 50 entries into the draw.

Sometimes their surveys require you to watch a to programme, either from a video link or occasionally in real-time, in which case you need to download some software onto your smartphone in advance. But they email you about this in plenty of time and with full instructions. It’s quite nice being paid to watch TV and rate it, unless it’s an awful programme (which it often is in my opinion, but then I’m not a massive fan of ITV!!!) But then, at least you can tell someone that you hate it!

You must be over 16 years of age and reside in the UK to sign up. There may be a YouGov panel in your country, since they do operate worldwide, so I’d advise you do an internet search.

IPSOS i-say- survey site

IPSOS is a pretty recognisable name in market research, at least I had come across them in the UK thanks to IPSOS MORI polls, doing social research on behalf of the Government. I felt very comfortable signing up to them. For consumers, they run a site called IPSOS i-say which conducts market research- usually in the form of surveys, with occasional product trials throw in if you are eligible.

They offer frequent and reasonably well paid survey via their i-say site. You get paid a number of points depending on the length of the survey. Once you have 1380 points, you can either redeem for a voucher, or donate the money to charity.

If you complete a high percentage of the surveys they send out, you can get bonus ‘loyalty’ points. I cash out £10 with this website usually every month, sometimes more (especially if they run an online research community) and I complete virtually every survey they send me.

I can’t offer you a referral link for this one, but if you would like to be referred please contact me below and give me your first name and email address. Then I will be able to send you a link directly. I would get a small allocation of extra points for doing so.

This company is very reliable in crediting surveys and they even pay points when you are disqualified. However, their vouchers do take around 1 month to reach you via post which is annoying. However they have always arrived in the end.