What have you bought to commemorate the birth of the Royal Baby?

This was the question that confronted me on a survey I recently filled in. What have I bought to commemorate the birth of the Royal Baby? Once upon a time I wouldn’t have thought twice about this, but now I am pursuing minimalism- the absurdity of this really struck home! Why would I buy something to commemorate the birth of a baby I will never meet? What good will it do to have a plate or a tea towel or some other object that will never get used in my home? I will have to dust it frequently. Over time it will fade or get chipped or cracked. Twenty years down the line, I’ll dig it out of a cupboard and cart it to a charity shop, where probably no-one will want it. Just like all those commemorative Royal Wedding items people bought, only to find that the marriages barely last twenty years. Doesn’t this just ram home what a consumerist society we live in?