Virtual minimalism


Virtual minimalism, what is that I hear you ask? Well it my term for minimising in the virtual world. Last night I realised how upsetting I find Facebook. All those things that people post which are probably fake, but make their life seem pretty perfect. I’m dealing with a lot of very complex health problems right now and they are impacting on every area of my life. Facebook just serves as an unfair comparison and a reminder of everything I can’t do/ have/ want etc. So, I decided to spring clean it!

For a little while, I’ve had 2 Facebook accounts- under the misguided impression that this would help me to better manage the above issues. I also didn’t want an awful lot of people who are really just acquaintances knowing the intimate personal details of my life. So the second account was meant to keep these people at a distance- it didn’t really work, just complicated life further and served to waste even more time. Time on Facebook pretty much only served to make me sad, angry or both! So, the second account just got deleted- just like that. Problem 1 solved.

Next, to my main account- I deleted half of my ‘friends’. Anyone who I didn’t really feel that friendly with. People who are either friends or family members, but I keep in contact with through other methods and aren’t themselves very active on Facebook. People whose posts bothered me, upset me. People who actually were just acquaintances through shared interests etc, but I can still keep in touch with via groups on Facebook. Next, I went through my likes and got rid of almost all of them. I promised myself I wasn’t going to randomly like things, the last time I tidied up- but guess what, it crept back in again! All those companies you’ve liked to get freebies, companies I’d liked because I’d done mystery shopping work on Facebook but actually didn’t ‘like’ at all. Musicians, bands and artists who I’d liked once, but haven’t released another good song or who just clog up my feed with rubbish. Gone are all the moneysaving groups that proved to just be full of spammers and didn’t help me save a penny. Gone are the annoying mystery shopping groups which were full of nonsense and nothing helpful. I could go on and on and on! Needless to say, only useful things are left.

Now this is only one tiny area of my on-line life, but boy has it made a big difference. Particularly if you’e like me and check Facebook several times a day. I believe it will help me to see more of what I like- Tiny House and Simple Living blogs. I also think it will definitely mean I spend less time on Facebook which helps minimise that area of my life and allows me to find new ways to spend my time! 🙂 Bonus.

In the future, I would like to tackle my folders, photos, downloads etc and trash all the rubbish stuff. I think I will try to organise my bookmarks and also go through my emails (which are endless) and dump the junk.

How will you virtually minimise? I’d love to share tips.

Virtual minimalism

Well, we all know about decluttering our homes. But what about the virtual spaces we inhabit everyday?

I decided it was time to sort out my inbox. I spend too much time every day deleting emails I don’t want to receive. It wasn’t until I read this idea on another blog- now I forget where- that I realised I could hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button! So, every time these unwanted emails come through, instead of just deleting them- I actually take the trouble to unsubscribe. It only takes a few moments, but think of all the time I will have gained back in the longer term!

In light of this, I can thin k of a few other ways to clean up- virtually. I am going to tidy up my desktop and get rid of all those unwanted icons. I am going to delete files and folders that I no longer need.

Whilst you’re at it- why don’t you also empty your recycle bin and run a defragmentation and a disk cleanup, to maxmise the functioning of your machine?

Any other tips for virtual minimalism? I would love to hear them.