IPSOS i-say- survey site

IPSOS is a pretty recognisable name in market research, at least I had come across them in the UK thanks to IPSOS MORI polls, doing social research on behalf of the Government. I felt very comfortable signing up to them. For consumers, they run a site called IPSOS i-say which conducts market research- usually in the form of surveys, with occasional product trials throw in if you are eligible.

They offer frequent and reasonably well paid survey via their i-say site. You get paid a number of points depending on the length of the survey. Once you have 1380 points, you can either redeem for a voucher, or donate the money to charity.

If you complete a high percentage of the surveys they send out, you can get bonus ‘loyalty’ points. I cash out £10 with this website usually every month, sometimes more (especially if they run an online research community) and I complete virtually every survey they send me.

I can’t offer you a referral link for this one, but if you would like to be referred please contact me below and give me your first name and email address. Then I will be able to send you a link directly. I would get a small allocation of extra points for doing so.

This company is very reliable in crediting surveys and they even pay points when you are disqualified. However, their vouchers do take around 1 month to reach you via post which is annoying. However they have always arrived in the end.