Make Your Own Caster Sugar

Another discovery I made when reading my Grandma’s old recipe book is that you can make your own caster sugar!


I decided it was about time I gave this a whirl, since to buy 1kg of granulated sugar costs around 60p and the same size bag of caster sugar costs around a whopping £1.50! More than twice the price and for what, a slightly finer grind.

So I got out my liquidiser attachment and thought, here goes nothing. Et voila, I had caster sugar within moments and I shall simply re-use my old caster sugar bag and re-fill it.

I’d really encourage you to give this a whirl, or to try and get hold of a liquidiser/ blender (try eBay or Freecycle) because it could pay for itself in no time.

I think icing sugar might even be possible, so that’s my next experiment. You would just need to whizz it up for a little bit longer to get the finer dust.

Do you already grind your sugar? Is this something you’d be prepared to try? Let me know your thoughts and tips!