Things that have gone – 22

Decluttering continues apace – an imminent new arrival will give you added motivation I have found!

This week I’ve sold items, given them away on Freecycle, passed them onto other people after I spotted specific requests for that item and given items to charity shops.

  1. Book – given to family member after I finished reading it
  2. Book – sold, Facebook group for that subject area
  3. Turf- specific request spotted on Freecycle, given away (would have just left it to decompose otherwise!)
  4. Cat radiator bed – sold via Facebook Marketplace
  5. Ornamental Flute-  sold on eBay
  6. Oasis blouse – sold on eBay
  7. Bag of clothing, books, DVDs and craft items – sent to charity shop
  8. Glass worktop savers- given to someone after specific request seen
  9. Wooden chopping board- given to someone after specific request seen
  10. Selection of cleaning products, scourers and cloths (I no longer use these items, since switching to greener methods)- given to someone after specific request seen
  11. Baking tray- given to someone after specific request seen

I literally have only 17 items left on eBay now, some of which I will give away if they don’t sell soon. And then I would honestly struggle to find something around the house to sell or give away, since I have pretty much got it down to items I need or use regularly (she says now). I am sure I will re-evaluate that point of view a few months down the line!!! But for now, I am happy and have totalled almost £3K back in the bank from this frenzy of selling over the last 18 months. I think that’s about what eBay reckon most people have tucked away in their houses/ lofts, storage etc.

On my way to a Minimalist Wardrobe!


I’ve made some real progress since I wrote: These 3 boxes/ bags full of clothes have been donated to charity!

There is possibly a 4th bag to follow (I admit I am having a hard time parting with certain items- “just in case” I might need to wear them again). I know it’s silly, but this is a journey and I’m taking it a few steps at a time. I’ve sold a few items on eBay- netting myself £50 which ‘ain’t bad’. The daft thing about eBay is that some of these items I’ve sold for more than they cost me new! Now I’ll admit that’s mostly due to my savvy shopping habits- outlet stores, sales & T.K. Maxx, but still- the world is a little bit nuts!

I’ll post some updated shots of my wardrobe in due course, just to prove that I’ve got more space in it now. But, those 2 boxes you see in the second shot- they are down to 1 box. YAY! Go me. I’ve popped some suits on a local Facebook selling group, but as yet have had no takers. When I get some more free listings, I will be putting more stuff on eBay.

I’ve not been perfect, I made several purchases recently- guilty of shopping on eBay, in charity shops and at a vintage fair. I guess I’m a work in progress. I made endeavours to sell a large bag of my vintage clothing to a dealer, but when I visited the shop he wasn’t available. I will need to make an appointment if I go back, however I’m starting to consider doing vintage fairs myself. I mean, I have a real eye for the clothes that are good quality and sought after names. Why not indulge my passion for shopping and the thrill of searching out a bargain, whilst making money out of it and having even more fun?! That probably isn’t compatible with being a Minimalist is it?