Goodbye Hi-fi!


6 months ago, I said I was going to get rid of my hi-fi and I didn’t manage it. Although I did let go of my iPod instead. During the intervening months I had used it about twice and since moving, it had sat in its box for 3 months untouched. That was enough to confirm to me, that it did indeed need to go!

I popped it on eBay and made a very fair return on it, seeing as it was now 5 years old. It had been very well looked after and was like new. I got just under half of my original spend back, so much better to sell it now than when it had further depreciated or become obsolete. I’ve had the odd pang of regret, but I just remind myself that I didn’t use it.

I’ve been using either my iPad, iPhone, computer or portable radio as alternatives and the speakers are excellent on these devices. I have treated myself to a £20 portable CD drive (via Amazon, paid for with Swagbucks!) which means I can upload all my CDs to iTunes (my Macbook Air doesn’t have a CD drive). The next move I can see happening, is for all my CDs to go. Then I would have an obsolete hi-fi stand to get rid of too, unless it can be repurposed! ha

This was definitely one of the harder things to let go, but I’m so glad I did it. Let me know how your decluttering efforts are going.

Difficult Decisions

Well, we’re in the process of moving house. We’re in the slightly unusual position of buying a house from a family member and this means we’ve inherited lots of furniture and other bits too. Now there are downsides and upsides to this, especially for the minimalist.

We’ve acquired a lovely 3 piece suite, a dining table and 6 dining chairs- all useful things which we’ve never had before. However, we’ve also acquired most of the stuff that went with the house. Thankfully a friend who was setting up home has taken most of the contents, but to be honest we still have a significant amount.

I now have to contend with an additional printer, another stationary cabinet, another bookshelf. I find it hard to get rid of things like this- that ‘might’ be useful, either now or in the future. I guess I need to get out of that mentality. One of the hardest things is inheriting a fridge freezer- over 15 years newer than the white goods we currently own. But we have a separate larder fridge and freezer at the moment and this is a 2 in1. And it’s much smaller than I would have chosen.

Because of the amount we’ve outlaid on the new house. moving costs etc, my husband is adamant that we can’t get rid of it. Plus, we have a small kitchen where space will be limited and there isn’t room for a separate fridge and freezer. We were originally going to have the fridge inside and the freezer in the shed. Then we thought we might stack one on top of the other.

The thing is not only is the freezer on this fridge freezer tiny, but the fridge is a lot smaller than our current one. Now I’m all for minimalism (you know this by now!) but, I also believe in home-cooking. This means I often have a lot of things in my fridge, particularly if I’ve made a big lasagne for example and a pudding. Or I’ve got a big piece of meat in, just waiting to be cooked as a roast dinner. I just know it wouldn’t all go in.

Oh the dilemmas I wish I didn’t have right now! Has anyone else inherited items that make this minimalism journey seem harder?