Free £179 Leather Jacket from M&S

My journey has evolved from Minimalism to incorporate a Zero Waste lifestyle. I have also been able to learn a great deal about money-saving and non-traditional work opportunities. Here I share some opportunities:

How did I do it? Read on dear readers, read on! I got this jacket for free thanks to a combination of my online earners; Swagbucks, TopCashBack and Valued Opinions. (I promise I will write a detailed post about Valued Opinions soon!)My husband needed a new leather jacket, as his was now very worn and discoloured. He set his heart upon this one a few months ago and so it became my new target for online earning.

If you sign up to Swagbucks through me, you can earn up to 500SB for free! If you earn 300SB they will match it and then, if you use their shop & earn feature (like cashback), you can get another 200SB.

If you sign up to TopCashBack through me and earn £10 worth of cashback, you can get £5 free! These will get you well on the way to whatever target you set yourself.

Come on, get started today and then post in the comments what you are aiming for. I want to see the pictures when you achieve your goal!

Virtual minimalism

Well, we all know about decluttering our homes. But what about the virtual spaces we inhabit everyday?

I decided it was time to sort out my inbox. I spend too much time every day deleting emails I don’t want to receive. It wasn’t until I read this idea on another blog- now I forget where- that I realised I could hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button! So, every time these unwanted emails come through, instead of just deleting them- I actually take the trouble to unsubscribe. It only takes a few moments, but think of all the time I will have gained back in the longer term!

In light of this, I can thin k of a few other ways to clean up- virtually. I am going to tidy up my desktop and get rid of all those unwanted icons. I am going to delete files and folders that I no longer need.

Whilst you’re at it- why don’t you also empty your recycle bin and run a defragmentation and a disk cleanup, to maxmise the functioning of your machine?

Any other tips for virtual minimalism? I would love to hear them.