I got rid of 15 pairs of shoes!

I don’t feel proud about that title, let me tell you. But I have continued my serious declutter. I am certain that I still own more than 15 further pairs of shoes and that number also needs to decrease. However, this is a MASSIVE step forwards for me and it’s truly been enlightening – look at all these shoes I had and there was absolutely no way I could use them all. Let’s just say that these 15 pairs that have gone are the ones that have had the least use, or even that I no longer wore at all. I don’t have pictures of them all, as I only started saving my images recently. Here is just a fraction:

I calculate that I have put £157.45 (gross figure) back in my pocket. Considering that only 2 of the pairs I had owned from brand new (and both of those were bought at around 70% off), I calculate that I am in profit despite my careless ownership. None of the other pairs cost more than £10 second-hand and most a lot less! However, that is not an excuse for me to go and buy more!

It might be optimistic, but I hope that I can one day get down to around 6 pairs of shoes. I’m envisaging:

  1. Knee high boots
  2. Ankle boots
  3. Trainers
  4. Sandals
  5. Work shoes
  6. Smart shoes

And really that would be more than enough! But I will admit that I have a slight weakness for shoes, probably more than anything else. Still, I can try.

Things that have gone this week – 5

Well, I was hoping a few more items would sell on eBay this week. But only 3 things have gone – a pair of shoes, a white blouse and a red dress. This pair marks the 12th pair of shoes I have gotten rid of! 12 pairs of shoes and I don’t even notice the difference. I still have more than 12 pairs, so a few more need to go!!!

Despite this, I have also recycled a whole lot of old papers and cards. Goodness knows why I was holding onto them! I had a Birthday card from 20 years ago amongst my selection. I am hoping to give away or donate some items too this week, either to charity shops or on Freecycle. I also traded in 14 books on www.webuybooks.co.uk which was a medium sized box worth. So there is definitely a little more space here!

Things that have gone this week – 1

I thought it might be fun if I start to post about the items I’ve gotten rid of this week. I may not always have photos, unless I can get really clever and learn how to make a digital collage of them. The annoying thing is that the eBay app doesn’t save the photos from the listing, into your photostream. It would have been fun if I’d done this from the beginning, but it’s never too late!

  1. Casio Keyboard
  2. Casio keyboard Softcase
  3. Keyboard Stand
  4. Piano pedal
  5. Piano power supply
  6. Music stand
  7. Set of tea, coffee and sugar storage cannisters
  8. Pair of gold ballet flats
  9. Mother & Child Standard Lamp

Now is a great time to sell on eBay!

It’s a great time of year to get busy selling items you don’t need on eBay. You will help yourself by clearing clutter, making space for (select as many as apply):

  1. Christmas gifts
  2. Christmas guests
  3. Christmas decorations
  4. You!

I don’t know if my recent rash of sales has been due to the Black Friday effect, the fact that Christmas is coming or payday is nearing. I’ve often been heard lamenting at how slow eBay is lately, sales seem to sometimes take weeks and months to come, which isn’t helpful if you’re hoping to shift clutter! I made a concerted effort to list a whole bunch of items in one go – I had about 65 items for sale when I started. I went through all the cupboards in the house and anything that hadn’t been used in the last year had to go. In fact I found items lurking that hadn’t been used in years, some in at least 10 years! Those items were mainly lurking in amongst my craft supplies. So I had clearly been too lenient on my previous decluttering attempts.

I was also ruthless with my wardrobe! I had to get most of my clothes out in one go, to shift between my summer and winter wardrobes. I was slightly taken aback at just how many clothes I actually had. It’s so easy to by one thing here, another there and you soon don’t realise just how much is squirrelled away. The vast proportion of what was listing was clothing items. I really can’t say if having that volume of items listed is what made them shift faster, but I can’t think of any other variables from my end. I didn’t set them at silly, low prices, I always calculate my costs and include shipping in my item price as I don’t think buyers want to be adding that on.

Anyway, I’ve sold around £200 of items in just 10 days. It’s made a fantastic difference to the amount of space around the house and also boosted our Christmas coffers. So this post is just to encourage you to get sorting through those cupboards and set your stuff free! eBay is a really great place to start, as there is such a huge marketplace of buyers out there. There’s usually someone out there to buy the things you no longer want or need. Now when I think about it, I visualise £200 worth of bank notes being stuffed into the cupboards around our house. The reality is that’s the truth of the situation! I think it was Joshua Becker who said that spending money on things you don’t need now, is robbing from your future self. Well, thinking of it like that will surely give you a new perspective on things!

Clearing out- kitchen shelves

Ever since we moved in, this top end shelf in the kitchen has been home to all our bottles. It’s always hard to know where to put them and we don’t really have any accessible cupboard with deep enough shelves, so they ended up here! The whole shelf was getting disgusting where one syrup bottle had leaked everywhere and just generally dusty. It was time for a clean out!

I ended up throwing half the bottles away – out went Bailey’s, Malibu, some Japanese concoction and a bottle of orange coffee syrup (only what’s left and safe to consume is pictured above). The conclusion for us is- don’t bother buying alcohol or coffee syrups. We so rarely drink them that a small fortune (well a small fortune to me, between £30-£50) had gone off. We had done surprisingly well at giving away most of what we had been given. Our hearts always sink when we receive bottles of alcohol (it usually happens at Christmastime from well-meaning colleagues or occasionally relatives). 2 of the bottles above are gifts – Prosecco and Champagne – neither of which are we likely to consume. To be honest, I don’t know how good to drink either of them are, but I shall offer them to my brother who is likely to drink them. Another is a bottle of Pimms I bought 2 years ago and is about half full – I don’t know if it’s good, but it will also get offered to my brother.

What remains is a bottle of brandy which solely gets used at Christmastime for brandy butter and the Christmas cake. To be honest, when this one is finished I don’t think I’m going to bother making either any more. No-one in this house really likes Christmas cake and often the brandy butter ends up in the bin. A bottle of Vodka which I only purchased recently, to use for homemade disinfectant. It seems to do a brilliant job and will certainly get used up in time. Then we have 2 bottles of non-alcoholic mulled punch which I picked up cheap recently and are good until 2017. I’m looking forward to enjoying those next festive season. We also have a bottle of ginger beer that we were given, it’s also good until 2017 and if we don’t drink it, I know a friend who will love it. The final bottle is a bottle of wine from our wedding, it’s a stupid thing to get attached to but I am slightly. It was a rose, but the colour has changed and I don’t know if it will be any good, especially since we’ve never had a wine rack – so it hasn’t been stored properly (on its side).

So there we go, what to do with all that space – I decided to move my recipe books from the book shelf in the lounge, into the kitchen. I hope they will be easier to get to and in the room where I use them. Many of these get lots of use, although in time I may thin out my collection some more. Because there are so few of them, the bottles have ended up back on the other end of the shelf. Oh well!

One thing I do know is that when we get our kitchen re-designed (one day!) I most certainly will not be installing these stupid shelf ends – they serve no purpose except to gather dust.

On my way to a Minimalist Wardrobe!


I’ve made some real progress since I wrote: https://minimalistexposure.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/this-is-not-a-minimalist-wardrobe/ These 3 boxes/ bags full of clothes have been donated to charity!

There is possibly a 4th bag to follow (I admit I am having a hard time parting with certain items- “just in case” I might need to wear them again). I know it’s silly, but this is a journey and I’m taking it a few steps at a time. I’ve sold a few items on eBay- netting myself £50 which ‘ain’t bad’. The daft thing about eBay is that some of these items I’ve sold for more than they cost me new! Now I’ll admit that’s mostly due to my savvy shopping habits- outlet stores, sales & T.K. Maxx, but still- the world is a little bit nuts!

I’ll post some updated shots of my wardrobe in due course, just to prove that I’ve got more space in it now. But, those 2 boxes you see in the second shot- they are down to 1 box. YAY! Go me. I’ve popped some suits on a local Facebook selling group, but as yet have had no takers. When I get some more free listings, I will be putting more stuff on eBay.

I’ve not been perfect, I made several purchases recently- guilty of shopping on eBay, in charity shops and at a vintage fair. I guess I’m a work in progress. I made endeavours to sell a large bag of my vintage clothing to a dealer, but when I visited the shop he wasn’t available. I will need to make an appointment if I go back, however I’m starting to consider doing vintage fairs myself. I mean, I have a real eye for the clothes that are good quality and sought after names. Why not indulge my passion for shopping and the thrill of searching out a bargain, whilst making money out of it and having even more fun?! That probably isn’t compatible with being a Minimalist is it?