How I made over £800 selling everyday items on eBay!

This won’t be a post about the basics of selling on eBay – however if people want some detailed information, please comment and I will happily oblige. However this will be a post about the 58 items I’ve sold in the last 3 months, all but one on eBay! I decided to make a concerted effort to down-size my stuff and I forced myself to open my cupboards and scrutinise the contents. Anything that I hadn’t used or didn’t want, had to go! During this time, I’ve also taken 4 large bags of items to charity. These consisted of items that didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t sell on eBay. For example, items that are too large or heavy to post, electrical cables, or small stationary items, or older books that tend to have no re-sale value and clothes that perhaps weren’t a good enough brand to sell. I will add the caveat that I sometimes purchase items second-hand at a good price, so I can re-sell them for a small profit. 12 of these sales were such items.

Opening my craft cupboard was truly the most shocking for me in the end, not only because some of the items I’d been squirrelling away had actually lain un-used for the past 10 years and I was holding onto them in the mis-guided assumption that I would find them useful some day! I was doubly shocked when the sales finished and I realised effectively how much cash had been in that cupboard! Imagine if I hadn’t spent out for these items in the first place and had kept all that cash in the bank for 10 years gaining interest! Perhaps it’s better if I don’t think about that too hard, right now.

I literally sold everything that wasn’t wanted or being used – from furniture, to craft items like sewing kits and paper punches. I sold loads of clothing, some accessories, several pairs of shoes. I even went through the kitchen and sold a hand blender and a knife block. You know, those knives are just fine in the cutlery drawer and don’t get dusty anymore! I’ve also got that space back on my kitchen counter. Below is my ledger, to keep track of how much everything sold for:


I set very reasonable prices for my items, based on what similar items had sold for (using the completed listings feature on eBay) or by just covering my costs (like with some of the craft item freebies I sold. I just wanted to make sure they could be used by someone). However, at the end of all that I currently have £809.28 back in my bank account (that figure takes into account my costs). Truly shocking – I could never have estimated that it would all be worth that kind of money. What has really hit me is that I don’t miss a single item, not one. What’s worse is I probably have so much excess that I can repeat this exercise over time and I bet I still won’t miss a thing.

I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier in my journey into Minimalism, but I guess that I just wasn’t ready. These last few months, I have had fresh eyes to look at my belongings again and the motivation to purge again. I never considered myself to be living in excess and when I look back over the past 5 years and see the sheer volume of stuff that I have been hoarding, it really is an eye-opener. I expect that I am the same as a great many people. Wouldn’t the world be a really different place if we used our time and resources differently? I hope that I can learn from this.

Please get in touch, if you care to share your stories about decluttering.