Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014 on Minimalist Exposure. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, that’s been a resolution of mine for many a year. However, the New Year has given me the motivation to get back to minimising with avengeance! My husband and I have agreed to get serious about this now and really start shedding items, even ones we previously thought we ‘needed’. So I plan to seriously downsize our books, cds, dvds and computer games as a starting point.

Whilst I would love to live in a tiny house, it’s not a realistic option for us here in the UK at present. We recently moved to a cheaper area, but the distance from family and well, EVERYTHING is something we’re not happy to stick with. So we are planning to get our finances in order to move again and also this is the reason to begin minimising again. I am actuvely looking forward to April, when car boot season starts again!

So this blog is going to veer off ever so slightly into frugal living and money-saving, as we seek to achieve our aims. Our goal is to move to a detached bungalow which is step-up the housing ladder for us. We started off in a flat which may be minimalist (although this was before our minimalist days and with the amount of stuff we had, it certainly was a squeeze!) Anyhow, we have 0% desire to go back there due to terrible issues with the neighbours which culminated in a legal dispute to get one of them evicted and multiple insurance claims due to irresponsible neighbours who refused to maintain their flats and repeated water leaks. So for any of you considering flat-living, I’d urge to carefully consider all the potential costs!

We are currently living in a semi-detached house, but again we have problems with noisy neighbours and poor maintenance of shared areas. So although it may be expensive, we have 100% desire to get outta here and never have shared walls again!!! Whether this goal will be achieved this year or next mainly depends on our ability to clear our debts which mostly consist of a large student loan to fund a PGCE which was a necessary expense.

We currently save 30-50% of our income each month through a minimalist lifestyle, but this year I’d really like to increase this. It’s around 30% because what I earn is variable because I’m self-employed. But right now, virtually all of this is going on clearing our debts. I’d love to share tips to reduce the findamental living expenses. We are already certain we are on the best deals for everything possible, like phone and insurance. The main area I think that we can cut back is on our groceries. Again, we already make major savings in this area by buying reduced items, down-shifting brands and taking advantage of the freezer. However, I think we could save more by going vegetarian 1-3 days per week (or more, but I don’t think the husband would agree!) Again, I would love to share ideas!

Let me know how your minimising is going!