Lush Haul – Zero Waste Toiletries


I visited Lush yesterday to stock up on toiletries, in advance of my holiday in a few weeks. Lush is great, as you can buy most toiletries packaging free. Above you can see (anti-clockwise from the giant henna block in the bottom left); Caca Marron Henna Hair Dye Block, Handy Gurugu Handcream, The Sunblock, Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair) Massage Bar and Coalface Solid Bar Soap (just about visible on the black bag).

I love their henna, I never wanted to dye my hair but I am slowly going grey (the curse of having dark hair) and in my mid-thirties, it’s got to the point where I really don’t like it being so visible. These henna bars are a little bit of effort, but I love that they are all natural. They are well worth the effort and really do make your greys sparkle brighter, as they take the colour slightly differently and look like highlights.

The hand cream comes in a little black pot, but these are made from 100% recycled plastic. Lush has a closed loop system and you take your pots back to store for recycling. They take them back to the manufacturer and round and round they go! The plastic manufacturer is also down here in Poole, right next to the factories that make the lovely Lush products. I tried their solid hand cream, but it wasn’t rich enough for me and far, far too greasy.

I don’t fully understand why they wrap the sunblock in plastic, but currently they do. I suspect it’s because it’s prone to melting – I had this experience once. But I’d still rather buy it sans-packaging and put it into a little tin for travel, like I do with their solid shampoos and conditioners. (EDIT: I wrote to Lush and they tell me that their sunblock is more prone to melting than other solid products. However, the good news is that the “plastic wrap is a cellulose plastic, which is a bio-plastic made from things like vegetable fats. It can be popped in with your compost and should begin to biodegrade within a week or so“). My husband swears this is the best sun-care product he has ever used. He has pale skin that burns very easily, but this offers fabulous protection. You simply shower it on in the morning and it’s SPF 30. You can also cut off a little bit and carry it with you in a tin, to top up. We also carry their ‘Powdered Sunshine’ which is fabulous and non-greasy, a little powder that you apply like talc. I even mix it with my face powder, to up my daily protection.

The massage bars are great for travel and completely sans-packaging. You just rub them over your skin to moisturise and it’s as simple as that. Coal-face is a godsend for my oily skin and it doubles as an exfoliator, as it contains little pieces of coal to gently scrub. I love it more than any face wash I’ve ever tried. Combine these items with our solid shampoo and conditioners bars and we’re set to go! We can’t imagine ever going back to plastic-wrapped, unethical toiletries.

All in all, I love supporting a local retailer, employing (mostly) local people (more on that perhaps another time) all these products are made 5 miles from my house – though ironically I have to travel a couple of miles further on just to buy them! I took all old paper bags and re-used them all. I had to prompt the staff member a couple of times, but they obliged. They sell some items by weight, and they always weigh them without the packaging. They can even cut products to your requirements, like with my piece of coalface soap.


9 thoughts on “Lush Haul – Zero Waste Toiletries

  1. I’m a recovering Lushie. Spent too much for a while there. There is one in the Orlando airport. I had 6 hours to kill on an international layover. Needless to say, I tried all of their new products while I waited. The BIG shampoo is my favorite.

  2. I LOVE their BIG conditioner, it makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. However, I do try to only buy what I need. Some of their products just don’t work for me, like facial moisturiser, face powder or face masks. I’m lucky because they make their products nearby, I have discovered an outlet where I can buy them at 1/4 of the retail price. The items are random, but I did get lucky the last time I was there with shampoo and conditioner bars. I plan to go back next month and see if I can buy more!

  3. I did not know they had a sunblock! How cool! Right now I use the shampoo and conditioner bars, but also alternate with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

  4. Love that Lush. It’s the only place I can find completely package free shampoo bars and I stock up whenever I’m near so I don’t have to order online; although they do put efforts into biodegradable packaging. Their massage bars are wonderful too and if I need to take their paper bag, I just compost it after 🙂

    • Their P&P is expensive isn’t it? I save the paper bags and take them back the next time, and the next, and the next….until they fall apart. Then they can be composted or recycled 🙂

    • I sometimes have to ask, but the staff are always helpful in finding things! I’m always amazed at how much they cram into their stores. Just shows how much space packaging takes up! Good luck finding them.

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