Lush Mouthwash Tabs – Zero Waste Mouthwash

I was unable to find a Zero Waste alternative to the regular mouthwash I had been using. I tried making my own, but I was worried about the safety of the essential oils I was able to source, as you could technically be ingesting some. Plus, it really didn’t taste all that great nor did it seem very effective. So it was back to the standard off the shelf stuff for me.

Then, my favourite store for Zero Waste bath and body products – Lush – decided to invent mouthwash tabs! They come in this tiny plastic bottle – OK, not perfect by Zero Waste terms, I would prefer they come in a little glass bottle or a little tin. But I can’t choose – though I will feedback to them. The massive plus point is that they are dry tablets, so they are much smaller and lighter to ship which has a massive impact on the environment/carbon emmissions. They are perfectly portable, ideal for travelling or just keeping in your bag, to freshen your breath at any time.

Personally, I’ve only tried the mint ones as I have a preference for minty dental care products. Call me traditional if you like! There are 2 or 3 other flavours in the range, for those who like something a bit different. All you have to do is take one tab and crush it with your teeth, add a mouthful of water and swill like a normal mouthwash. Then spit it out and voila, minty fresh breath is yours!

I think this tiny little  bottle will last me 2-3 months, possibly more and that’s with daily use. This is way better than my old, standard option which I needed to purchase every month in a huge bottle. I therefore suspect that these are much better value! The frugal-natured part of me wants to try and calculate exactly how good these are, when I have some time.

Aside from all of this, these are much more natural; with ingredients like: sodium bicarbonate, essential oils and stevia. I am super-happy not to be putting Triclosan into my body anymore. For this reason, I’ll be sticking with these from now on – no matter what the cost. My only other minor criticism is they use a ‘frosty holly lustre’ in them which is man-made and to my mind, totally superfluous- it makes the tablets look sparkly. No-one needs a sparkly mouth, quite literally! I wonder what impact this unnecessary ingredient has on both human health and the environment?

When all is said and done, I think they’re a great option if you’re aiming to be Zero Waste, but why not let me (and Lush) know what you think! By feeding back to manufacturers, we can encourage them to make even better products!

4 thoughts on “Lush Mouthwash Tabs – Zero Waste Mouthwash

  1. I look forward to try these! I’ve been also trying to find a zero waste alternative that actually works, happened the same for me with the homemade one with essential oils as I didn’t see/feel any similarity. But I just wonder… because in my head is better to get a (recyclable of course) big plastic container than small ones since they take as much energy and water to produce them. But I’ll give them a try anyway, thank you for sharing! 💚

    • You’re right- buying in bulk would be better. Lush sent me this response when I asked about packing them in glass or tin boxes. “Thanks for getting in touch. The plastic bottles are the best way we have found to protect them from water.

      This being said though the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled easily as well. You can always take the bottles back to store as well and they can add them to their recycling which gets sent back to our Greenhub and recycled there. 🙂 ~Amber”

      I find that Lush still don’t quite get the Zero Waste thing, though they are doing so much better than so many other companies. So I like to support them and make suggestions along the way.

  2. Hello, we have gone plastic free for lent and toothpaste and mouthwash have been one of the things we have struggled with- amongst a lot of other things! I have not come up with a good alternative. Lush are really great in many ways, but they don’t seem to understand the idea of no plastic, rather than just recycling it. I tried the tooth tabs and mouthwash but my kids were no impressed with the idea! Thinking caps on for another solution…

    • What a great idea to give up plastic for Lent! That’s the kind of challenge I would like to do, maybe next year? Lush used to sell their toothy tabs in little cardboard boxes but I think they got a lot of complaints from people saying that the box went soggy when they were travelling etc, so that’s why they changed. Yes, I agree- they are still working under the misconception that it’s OK if plastic is recyclable. I mostly buy their packaging free items, like soap, moisturising, shampoo and conditioner bars. We decided to stick with traditional toothpaste because my husband isn’t convinced by the lack of fluoride in homemade products or toothy tabs. There does seem to be a wealth of research that suggests it maintains healthy teeth and as we only get one set, we don’t want to chance it! Any ideas welcome here too 🙂

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