Enough is Enough! Why I Refuse to Complete Anymore ‘Customer Satisfaction’ Surveys.

I’m done! I’ve reached breaking point with the sheer volume of customer satisfaction surveys I am asked to complete every single day. I resent companies who phone me chasing completion of a survey because their bonus relies on achieving 5 stars. I fail to see how they can glean any meaningful information from those that are completed when they frequently bully you into giving the top ratings.

Enough is enough! I had my car serviced and they’re desperate for me to complete a customer satisfaction survey. Not happening. I am always going to get my car serviced and MOT’d on an annual basis. The other day I had my eyes tested and now they want me to complete one too. I had my eyes tested for the sake of my health, for goodness sake! A statutory service that the NHS provides in this country and that I would have done at the prescribed interval, regardless. Every single time you visit a shop, they are there circling some on-line feedback survey for you to complete. Sometimes they go into a massive spiel lasting several minutes about why you need to complete it. Just let me pay for my items and leave!

Let’s be minimalist about this please, all your stores out there reading this. Let’s save everyone some time and spend our lives doing better things, than measuring our employees on every single transaction they complete. You don’t have to give me the 5 star, red carpet service all the time. I’d appreciate if you spent more time servicing my car to a satisfactory level and all I’m asking is that it’s good enough. I want you to check my eyes to the best of your ability. I’m not going to rate you on your personal hygiene, your dress, your comprehension of English or whether you said goodbye. Just make sure to tell me if anything is wrong with my eyes, or I need new glasses. I’m not looking for perfection and I’d definitely prefer it if your employees seemed genuine, rather than that they are reading from a prescribed script.

I for one, do not wish to be responsible for someone being reprimanded or losing their job over 1 customer experience! If your service is unsatisfactory – rest assured it’s likely I will let you know. If I love something you’re doing, I will probably write and tell you too. But it’s OK to just live day-to-day by doing a good enough job. Let’s save the wowing for special occasions like weddings, Birthdays and times when it’s really important that things go right. I’d rather all those lovely, hard working people out there weren’t stressed to the eyeballs every day about being ‘inspected’. Just let them do their jobs, please! And please, please, PLEASE don’t send me anymore of these ‘customer satisfaction’ surveys – P L E A S E!!! You’re actually making me less likely to shop with you and seek out those dear, independent’s out there who are more concerned with actually getting on with their job. And every bit of till receipt you don’t print with these pointless surveys on it, is another piece of tree remaining and you know what – that would make me the happiest of all!

5 thoughts on “Enough is Enough! Why I Refuse to Complete Anymore ‘Customer Satisfaction’ Surveys.

  1. I was at a restaurant where they hounded me several times to leave a response saying they need at least 5 a shift for whatever reason. My job has a similar quota, it’s hard for us as consumers and also hard on staff. If the companies are more involved with their employees it would be a lot easier to find the bad apples. And rewards the hard workers.

    • How do you find that constant pressure? Well, at least I think I’d feel pressured if I knew I was under that level of scrutiny every day. Targets seem to have pervaded every aspect of our culture. We’re encouraged to set personal goals to achieve in our jobs and personal life. I work in health care and we are told how many patients we must treat every single day. We are constantly required to input stats, so they can look at what’s happening to patients i.e. are they improving in a certain amount of time and it takes so much away from my job, let alone the poor patients who get short-changed on time etc. It seems to be another example of where smaller is better, where bosses know their staff and are hands on, they wouldn’t need to implement these kinds of cold, impersonal measurement systems. Having that happen at a restaurant is enough to ruin your enjoyment of your meal!

      • I’m under similar scrutiny. I have to meet quotas every month and make sure I keep my numbers where they need to be when I’m working with people and they are the ones that decide my numbers for me. Some people will almost bully people into the sales of add ons to make their numbers but I refuse to. I’ve developed a loyal following that way.

  2. Just the other day I was at a fast food chain and was asked to go online and fill out a survey. I was somewhat persuaded by a combination of the buy-one , get-one offer on my next visit as well as the fact that the the employee was friendly and efficient at what was possibly her first real job.
    After checking the “very good” box on everything, I was taken to page 2 of the survey where they asked me to explain whey I hadn’t chosen “excellent” over the “very good” that I had selected. That simple question has always been my pet peeve regarding satisfaction surveys. First of all, it implies that I used all my analytical skills to make my selection and also that it is quite clear to me as to what the difference is.
    I think I explained that “very good” is just fine with me and that I save “excellent” for some life changing event related to their service. In any event, I only ordered a “senior coffee” and a chocolate sundae so I could sit down and read while waiting to pick up my dog from the groomer. Maybe if they offered to send someone for the dog I would feel differently.

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