InstaGC- Instant Giftcards!

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-00-28-34InstaGC is a site rather like Swagbucks, where you can earn points for completing surveys, answering polls, completing offers on offer walls and so on. I personally only use the site in a very limited manner, as I find I don’t qualify for most of the surveys. However, they post lots of points booster codes on social media so you can easily earn points for free! You will need to earn a at least 1 point every few days in order to qualify (the site will let you know if you need to complete an offer first with a little pop up).

The great thing about this site is that you literally do get the gift cards INSTANTLY which is unique. They also have a huge range of stores available, although I have only ever redeemed for Amazon vouchers. Another fun feature is within the chat facility, where they randomly post points booster codes throughout the day- faster finger first wins the stated bonus, usually for 3-10 members at a time. You cannot copy and paste, so you really need to be on the ball!

I also love the stats feature they have on the site which shows me that I earnt £36 in 2015. I’ve barely made any effort this year and I’ve only earnt £5 this year, so it actually gives you an incentive to try harder. My first year with this site was 2014 in which I earnt £10 so I definitely could be doing better. Even so, every little helps and this all builds my extra (online) income.

*If you use my link to signup, I will receive 10 points and 10% of your earnings from all referrals except tasks or bonuses received (contest winnings, point booster codes redeemed, search the web bonuses).

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