Zero Waste Grocery Shopping


I’ve started trying to cycle more recently. When I was a teenager, I cycled everywhere – almost every day of the week because it was my only form of transport. I went down about 2 dress sizes and felt better for it. Where I live, the local council has shut the main road for 4 months whilst major repairs are carried out. The resultant traffic jams are not something I wish to endure and so, I was encouraged to get my bike out again. I live a few minutes from an old railway cutting which is now used as a trailway and in the same amount of time it used to take me to drive and park to one of the nearest towns – I can cycle to it! The trailway is tranquil, full of wildlife and it’s now become something I really look forward to.

To aid my pedal-power journeys, I recently purchased this Cath Kidston bike basket (I’m not a brand snob, I found it dirt cheap in T.K. Maxx). On the up side, it’s mostly metal and can be removed and used as a shopping basket too – handy! I also bought this Gelpadz saddle cover, as after my first venture – my bum was killing me. I’ve had this gorgeous Hello Kitty Liberty Print water bottle for 2-3 years now – another T.K. Maxx find! On Cath Kidston’s website they were also selling a large, re-usable cloth drawstring liner bag for this basket. A great idea, as everything can be bundled in and then easily removed once home. I plan to make myself one ASAP.

Now, onto the important things, food – these cloth bags are homemade, I hope to put up a tutorial soon! They were made from fabric scraps and saved ribbons. That large blue print you can see is a Laura Ashley fabric – another passion of mine! I go to the local greengrocer and buy everything loose, placing it in my own cloth bags. I only have a few currently – need to make more – so I re-use brown paper bags for the rest. Today I bought carrots, bananas, apples and a cauliflower. We are lucky enough to have a choice of local butchers and they don’t mind at all if I take my own re-usable container for my meat – like for these tasty, local sausages.

Well, that’s all for today – I hope this post encourages you to get on your bike and shop locally. I’d love to see what Zero Waste gems you have found!

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