Newvistalive- Survey Site

Newvistalive is another good survey site, in my opinion. They don’t run quite as frequently as some, but they do pay £1 per 5 minutes of your time which is good. I find their survey template well structured, clear and easy to complete.

Once again they require you to reach £50.00 before you can be paid and they insist on sending it by cheque to your home address which takes some time. I probably only cash out with them once a year, on average because I do get screened out of a lot of their surveys. The good thing is that they screen you out early on, so you’re not wasting a lot of your time. I would still definitely say they are worth bothering with!

When you sign up, you instantly get £5 credit on your account which goes a long way towards getting you started. They also run a prize draw which you get entered into if you get disqualified from a survey, although I’ve never won it- I suppose it’s a nice touch.

One thought on “Newvistalive- Survey Site

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