The Wonderous Magic of Microfibre Cloths!

Microfibre cloths seems a strange thing to get excited about. I’d read many Zero Waste proponents who advocated their use, as they just need water. I was sceptical to say the least. (And don’t shoot me, they are wrapped in plastic – I’m not perfect and it seems to be impossible to buy them unwrapped). As you can see, I was lucky to find these Spontex Microfibre cloths (pack of 5) at a bargain 1/2 price in the reduced section of my local Tesco. They come in a couple of different colours, so you can easily differentiate between task or rooms in the house. I decided to use blue for the bathroom. I didn’t want to spend money on something I was sceptical wouldn’t work, so that’s why I waited until I saw a good deal to pick these up.

I tell you – I can eat my words now! These things are literally like magic. Our shower was grimy, unfortunately we live in a hard water area and although we squeegee it and spray it with white vinegar after every use – it’s not very effective. Normally we spray white vinegar on and scrub, sometimes also using Cif but it never looks clean. There’s always this scummy film on the glass.

I dubiously took out one of these cloths and wet it, wrung it out and got to work. I decided to dry the glass straight away with a dry duster as I didn’t want streak marks. The results were pleasantly quick on the top parts where they weren’t so scummy. At the bottom of each pane, I really had to work hard with the cloth – it was a good workout! However, amazingly these cloths literally lift off the limescale – something we’d normally have to do with something sharp like a blade or fingernail!

After cleaning the shower cubicle inside and out, I was pretty tired. But another day I’m going to get to work on the taps, shower and also the tiles which are getting a similar build up on them. I literally cannot wait to see what else these can get gleaming clean! My husband tried cleaning the chrome towel rail since I called him in to see the results and he was SO impressed. The towel rail also now looks spectacular. We can only say that the whole bathroom looks like new, like it has just been fitted.

Here’s the before and after shots:

It is quite astonishing to think that all you need to keep your bathroom clean is a little water and these cloths. For such a tiny investment, we can now get rid of a multitude of expensive and potentially damaging cleaning chemicals. These cloths can go in the washing machine at 60 degrees C which I love, as that’s the temperature I wash all my towels and cleaning cloths at to keep them hygienic.

So tell me, do you use microfibre cloths? What do you use them for and how do you use them? Any tips of tricks?

3 thoughts on “The Wonderous Magic of Microfibre Cloths!

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  2. Microfibres cloths are good at cleaning but unfortunately bad for the environment as they shed micro plastics into the water when cleaned. You’d need to use a natural fiber cloth to stop this. I use old paper to clean glass but I’ve heard denim works really well. Citric acid is great for shifting limescale, either bought in a box from Wilko or just use a lemon.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I mentioned in a recent blog post on eco- cleaning products that I am now aware that microfibre cloths are not good for the environment. However, I will keep using these until they need replacing, otherwise that’s more wasteful. Denim is a great tip, as old jeans could be cut up or even purchased from a charity shop to use for this purpose. I tried newspaper recently, but it was a disaster and made the windows more dirty and streaky than when I started! I don’t think I could use citric acid on a shower enclosure- there’s no way to get it to stick. But I will try rubbing a lemon over it and see if that shifts it. Lakeland also used to sell a window scrim cloth which looked like a type of hessian sack material, so when I need a replacement – I will definitely look at that too.

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