Umbra Bubble Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser

I’ve been meaning to write about one of my recent purchases for a couple of months. I was lucky enough to find this Umbra Bubble Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser in my local T.K. Maxx. They were selling them for £3.99 instead of the RRP of £14.99! It’s a fab little device and I thought it could work really well with the Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap I’ve been buying. I’ve found that actually it makes any soap go further, as I’ve recently found some Faith In Nature products in T.K. Maxx and just the tiniest amount of their coconut liquid soap goes on for miles. If I fill this and put it in my kitchen, it lasts for about a month which is pretty impressive since I wash my hands a lot to maintain good hygiene in the kitchen.

I hope you can see from my photos, there is a tiny little bubble symbol about 1cm up from the bottom. This is how much soap you need to put in, then you top it up with water to the top line. I use cooled, boiled water to make sure that no micro organisms multiply. The main container consists of a frosted glass vase-like structure. It has a rubber trim around the base so that it will not slip or tip over. The top is made of black rubber – it’s large and easy to press, even with wet hands!

I am sure that Lakeland usually sell Umbra products too, if you are looking for somewhere else to find them 🙂 I can tell you that I’m on the look out for another couple, to go in my bathroom and cloakroom. I hope to share a few more of my purchases that have enabled me to go Zero Waste or be more economical in coming months. I’m a Minimalist, but there are some purchases that are really helpful on this journey.

One thought on “Umbra Bubble Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser

  1. I used to do that – buy an empty foaming soap dispenser then fill it with part soap and part water, but then I thought it just seemed weird to use watered down soap… so I started buying foaming soap (but maybe foaming soap is really just watered down soap, too).

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