Minimalist bloggers pushing the same old consumerist culture

I’m always keen to follow bloggers whose content I enjoy reading and find helpful. However, I’ve recently become really disillusioned with a whole bunch of them. It seems like every single post they make is all about self-promotion and pushing their latest wares- be it book, film, DVD or e-book. It all amounts to the same for me- namely visual and mental clutter!

I think I feel disheartened because the whole idea of being Minimalist or Zero Waste, to me- is about being counter-cultural. That means going against the flow, the norms and what society expects of us. It’s one thing getting the message out there and it’s quite another pushing product, that ultimately has one purpose- to make people money. I understand that everyone has to make a living, but I’ve always thought that the most humble and honest way to do that is through living out that lifestyle whilst living a ‘normal’ life, holding down a ‘normal’ job.

The internet has brought about the rise of blogging, social media and things like Facebook or Instagram. Whilst these can be useful tools, they are also now pillars of Western consumerist culture. Tonnes of brands use them to make more money and we have witnessed the rise of bloggers and vloggers as celebrities. As I write this, I am preparing to go and ‘unlike’ a bunch of formerly helpful and informative bloggers. Sadly they have succumbed to the lure of cash and our consumerist culture. I will be a lot less irritated without theseĀ surreptitious adverts creeping into my inbox or newsfeed.

I hope this blog is an honest and personal exploration of the concepts of Minimalism and Zero Waste- advert free! I sincerely wish never to go down that consumerist path.

6 thoughts on “Minimalist bloggers pushing the same old consumerist culture

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I recently had a chat about this with my sister as well; this whole “I” era we are living in. Seems that when the world needs community and togetherness more than ever, individuals are caring mainly about themselves and their own profit. I do agree that there is a conflict in how we relay our messages of minimalism and zero waste, as consumerism doesn’t really fit into that lifestyle…

    To each their own, I suppose, but some great points you make here.

  2. That is exactly why I’m starting a blog about minimalism and fashion. I grew tired of always seeing fashion bloggers/youtubers/instagrammers talk about the new things they had purchased, never to see the old stuff again. I want to prove that you can be fashionable without being consumeristic.

    • Have you heard of Mend it May? There are some really great posts going around by bloggers who are mending their clothes rather than replacing them. I have particularly enjoyed the ones that have introduced me to the Japanese art of Sashshiko (decorative stitching to mend garments).

  3. I just recently jumped on the zero waste bandwagon turning towards a minimalist lifestyle. I couldn’t agree more. As I was researching, it all felt so BUY THIS and I’M MORE ZERO WASTE THAN YOU attitude. I honestly began blogging because the community seemed amazing but I’m starting to realize it is very cliquish. I will just keep blogging about my experiences and keep going towards a more mindful life. Thanks for writing about this.

    • I started blogging to try and make sense of my own personal journey with Minimalism and then, Zero Waste which I only discovered about a year ago. I agree with you, the more I’ve delved into the internet looking for information- the more I’ve realised the ‘arena’ is dominated by certain bloggers. It’s annoying actually because I like reading stories from more normal people, who are perhaps at a similar point on their journey to me. However, due to the way search engines like Google work these are really hard to uncover. The bigger blogs are very aspirational, but the more time has passed, I’ve realised a lot of them just regurgitate the same old blog posts. It’s sad that they no longer seem to be on a personal journey, but one of marketing and advertising. Some of the advertising is for the lifestyle which OK, might attract some newbies (although I’m not sure it’s the best way to draw people in). But much of it is for their merchandise, in its many formats. I do make some posts about actual items that I have found to be useful, in the hopes that others may find them useful additions and save some time searching for those kinds of solutions.

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