Fresh Perspectives

It’s funny how clearing clutter can give you a fresh perspective on clearing more clutter! This week I was able to give away items that previously I had felt unable to. Clearing other items had probably provided me with some momentum. But, there was something about coming back to these items years later. Even though I’d carted them through 3 house moves and knew deep down they were superfluous, it was only now- at this point in time- that I was able to finally let them go. I guess once you have pared everything down, there are less other items to distract you. At some point you are faced with really getting down to the nitty gritty.

I’d been holding on to a stack of awful books that tied in with various TV series that Trinny and Susannah had done, back in the day! What a stupid collection to be holding on to- I can say that now. But I still remember my excitement at the purchase of each new book- naturally I found a great deal and devouring the contents once home. They really were all about style over substance however and I never really found their suggestions practical. They encouraged massive consumption of clothes and there is now a proliferation of these books in the charity shops. I don’t even think they can sell them- so far out of favour have these two fallen. So they probably end up being recycled.

I offered my set of 5 on Freecycle and a lady was so thrilled to receive them. She was going to give them to her teenage daughter and even gave me a thank you card, along with a hug. I expect they will really appeal to her daughter, as I was a teenager when I so enjoyed reading them. It’s really nice to know that they have gone to a great home.

Alongside those I also gave away a stack of CDRs which I have no use for since everything now goes onto a hard drive. I also gave away 3 card-making books, as much like with recipes- if I want inspiration- I now look online.

What strange items have you had a hard time getting rid of? Did you manage to give them away and why do you think it was so hard for you?


2 thoughts on “Fresh Perspectives

  1. Bags and backpacks are hard for me to give away. Not purses because I don’t actually use those but bags like you would use to put items in for a day trip or if you’re taking games over to a friend’s house. I finally did get rid of a few about a month ago but then gained a few free ones when on vacation. You just never know which size you might need! But at the same time, I really don’t use them often.

  2. I have too many as well! I would get rid of them, but as you say- sometimes having a variety of sizes is really useful. They usually come out when we are going on a day trip, a holiday, some kind of sporting activity or other outdoor event. I’m sure I could let a few go and not notice.

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