Costa Coffee incentive to use your own cup!

I was really pleased to learn today that Costa Coffee are getting on the Zero Waste bandwagon and encouraging customers to bring their own re-usable cups into store, rather than disposable takeaway ones.

They will give 10p to Keep Britain Tidy every time a customer purchases a drink in a re-usable cup (sadly only between 21st April and 21st June 2016). I hope other coffee chains soon follow suit!

You can read the full story here:

2 thoughts on “Costa Coffee incentive to use your own cup!

  1. It’s a good start, fingers crossed more coffee shops run similar initiatives. It might take a while for this to start having an impact though. Today I tried to use my own cup in Costa and they made the drink in a disposable one, poured it into my reusable cup then put the plastic one in the bin. *facepalm*

    • Oh man, sometimes people really don’t get it do they? I’ve had a shop pour loose produce from a scale pan, into a plastic bag, then into my metal container. Even though I go there regularly, it seems too much for them to acquire a re-usable funnel. I might as well just take the plastic bag which no doubt gets binned, but I keep going to make a point.

      With Costa, they’d probably say it’s for hygiene reasons. As if we’d come in with a dirty cup for them to use. But I guess that’s our litigation culture for you…

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