How to make your washing powder go further

Over the past year, I’ve been trying out various tips to get my washing powder to go further. I’ve just finished a large “65 wash” box of Fairy Non-Bio Powder – 5.2Kg. I would like to try using more environmentally friendly options when I get to the end of my current supply, but I have another small box to go that Fairy gave me for free.

Anyway, I have calculated that I got 208 washes from this box, as I got it on offer for £10, at a cost of just under 5p per wash! I use 70g per wash as I feel this is the minimum amount I can get away with. However, I do need to factor in that I now add 30-50g of Dp Soda Crystals 1kg to every wash. I buy them in 1kg packs for 65p at Home Bargains (cheapest I’ve found)! So (at 50g per wash) I get 20 washes from a bag at a cost of 0.03p per wash- it’s negligible. These have the advantages of softening our hard water, meaning I can use less powder, keep my washing machine running well and helping to remove stains.

(I will add that I am currently using up my supply of fabric softener which I use in 2 of the 4 washes, at a cost of £1.50 per 1.5L and I have probably used 3 bottles in the last year so that’s a cost of £4.50. According to Tesco I would get 42 washes per bottle, at a cost of 0.035p per wash. But I am phasing this out and won’t be buying it anymore, instead switching to using white vinegar which I can buy in bulk for £2.99 for 5 litres. I would add about 50ml per wash. So that’s 100 washes per bottle, at a cost of 0.029 per wash).

So in the last year, I spent a grand total of £21.26 on washing, if I factor in fabric conditioner. This next year, I hope to spend less! I may keep the fabric conditioner bottle and just use a cap full of Golden Swan White Vinegar 5 Litre (Pack of 4), which would mean I’d be using less- to see how that goes.

Aside from this, white vinegar is a more environmentally friendly option, is not full of fake fragrances and other chemical nasties. It also means our clothes will not be at risk of catching fire.

How much does your washing cost you? Can you share any tips?

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