Novel ways in which people try to offload their clutter onto you!

I thought I’d share this as much for your amusement as anything, but it may help us all in our war against clutter!

We recently visited some relatives, who in the twilight of their years are downsizing to smaller accommodation to make life easier. Now, this isn’t the first time this has happened to some of our relatives and that process usually involves us refusing dozens of items that they think we ‘might find useful’. What is novel on this occasion, is the way in which the stuff was foisted upon us.

They tried and failed to offload dozens of items on us, as we politely refused each and every offer of things we didn’t need- mugs, saucepans and so on. However, they had enough time during which we sat chatting to wrap us some ‘forgotten’ Christmas gifts! Yes, really- wrapped and tagged!!! How can you refuse a gift that is being proffered? In our culture, it would be extremely rude and besides- we didn’t know what was inside until we got home & unwrapped it. Upon opening it, we discovered items of still dirty crockery and chocolates past their sell-by date! LOL I guess they really couldn’t face any more trips to the charity shop which is where we had to send these items instead. We have since found out that other relatives were endlessly refusing items- even fur coats!

I couldn’t help feeling we had had one pulled on us! I guess I was annoyed, that after we had politely refused they still made the decision for us. Have you encountered any ‘dirty tricks’ to get you to accept items into your home? Has anyone ever tried this on you?

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