Zero waste sandwiches/ packed lunches

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I’ve been trying out different ideas to wrap sandwiches in lunch boxes that didn’t involve clingfilm. Sure there’s baking parchment or foil, but those are still wasteful, if not more easily recycled. I tried using napkins but it seemed like everything stuck to them- especially if you are using seeded bread. Even after 4 times through the washing machine, I could not get them clean! Hardly environmentally friendly.

I’ve been reading about beeswax cloths and thinking about making my own sandwich wraps from oilcloth or similar, which would be wipe clean. The problem was I suspected that much of the cloth available to me was actually PVC wipe clean table cloth material, so plastic basically! There is also the problem of me getting round to making them, since I am a novice on the sewing machine and I never seem to find the time.

Then I spotted these funky monkey Boc’N Roll sandwich wraps by rolleat. These are similar: Boc’N Roll Light Green. They were in the sale at Lakeland (sadly now sold out!) and at only £3.99 each reduced from £9.99 each, they were basically a no-brainer. I ordered two and we have been pleasantly surprised by how easy to use they are. Thank goodness they come with pictorial instructions, as the written English ones are a little lacking (this being a Spanish designed and made product). You simply put your sandwiches in the middle, fold in the sides and wrap over the ends- just like wrapping a parcel! Only this one fastens with velcro. Now, I suspect that this product is ultimately largely made of plastic- it has a wipe clean surface, a nylon outer and velcro fastening. So, whilst this may not be for everybody- this should stand many years of use before wearing out and I just felt it was a more sustainable option than clingfilm. They can be wiped clean or machine washed.

This is not a sponsored post, but you can view more at: I really like the look of their other products too- very practical. I’m not sure if they ship outside of Spain. It seems like Barcelona/ Spain is streets ahead of us in the UK- Zero Waste wise.  I’m lucky that I managed to get hold of the sandwich wraps via Lakeland but they are discontinuing them 😦 Looks like this wonderful idea did not catch on here!

Have you come across this range before? Do you use something similar for your lunches? Tell us more!

4 thoughts on “Zero waste sandwiches/ packed lunches

  1. I’ve had my eye on some stainless steel containers. I don’t think sandwiches need to necessarily be wrapped because if the container just fits the sandwich, that will hold it together. I like these wrap things though!

  2. I just put sandwiches in the box without wrapping but if we somethimes use tortilla wraps for lunch for a change I was wrapping these in foil but wondered if this type of wrap would work for those – or do they have to fasten in a particular way that would only work for sandwiches?

    • We use insulated lunch bags because we’re out of the house for so long, we need to keep perishable items cool. It makes a terrible mess if I don’t wrap the sandwiches/ rolls/ wraps- hence my search for something which wasn’t disposable. The good news is you can wash foil a few times before it disintegrates. I’ve only used these with rolls and sandwiches so far and it’s great. We do have wraps from time to time and I imagine it would work well. I’ll have to report back when I’ve tried it. They say on their website that these wraps can accommodate a whole packed lunch securely. They really can- I’ve thrown in carrot sticks and all sorts. They are sizeable and fold all the way round, before fastening with Velcro- so they are very secure. The Velcro strip is huge, so it can accommodate any size of lunch.

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