This is NOT a Minimalist Wardrobe!

IMG_2778 IMG_2779

OK, I’m going to share with you my dirty little secret. I’m a clothes addict- there I said it, but I’m trying to break my addiction. As you can see from these pictures- I can no longer fit anything else in my wardrobe. I’ve got clothes on top of clothes on top of clothes, on some hangers. I realise that I probably only wear 1/4- 1/2 of my wardrobe regularly and I acknowledge how silly that is. I have boxes full of clothes that need to find new homes and I also have drawers containing yet more clothing. I’m too embarrassed to share it all in one sitting- although I probably should!

I recently pulled down a suitcase full of old clothes from the loft. I have increased a few sizes in recent years due to some health problems and then, shrunk again a little- although never back to my original size. I kept just my favourite items of clothing and gave the rest away via Freecycle in 2012. However, I had to acknowledge that I was never going to shrink back into many of these items. Although I have put a few back into circulation and it’s great- new clothing for free! It feels new, after so many years being stashed out of sight! However, some are just too small or are not something I’m going to wear now at my age.

As usual, I’d prefer to re-coup some cash if at all possible and so I’ve begun the process of eBaying them. I’ve sold 10 items so far, so it’s very slow progress. I know I’m going to have to donate a whole load to charity! I’ve sold 1 pair of shoes, 2 skirts, 2 dresses, 4 bras and 1 pair of trousers. But I probably have 50 items to go! It is sobering to look at all this clothing, to see how little some of it has been worn, to think about what I was thinking when I bought it and to see so much waste. I think it’s going to take me some time to unpick more of the psychological side- the thought process that allows me to keep on buying. I know I’m a sucker for seeing a fabric I like and picking up that item. But obviously my shopping is based on want and not need. That is something I need to rectify.

I’m really pleased that I’ve been able to start to tackle this area of my life. I’ve avoided it mostly since starting to minimise in 2012, but it’s a milestone that I’ve reached the point where I feel able to start.

Now it’s time for confession: What’s your area of weakness? Do you plan to tackle it sometime?

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