Sign-up to Swagbucks & Get a Summer Bonus!

I previously posted about a site called Swagbucks that I use every day. It’s great because I can earn points for free and use them to buy lots of products that help my Minimalist & Zero Waste Lifestyle. That post has been so popular, that I’m really pleased to be able to offer those of you who aren’t yet signed up, an exclusive deal!

Personally, I most often redeem for Amazon vouchers. I love buying books so that I can read about Minimalist living. I have recently read: Simple Living, Stuffocation & Cheapdate- all for free! As I have previously mentioned, I’ve also bought a kitchen composter, glass bottles for my homemade toiletries and more. Next up on my shopping list are soap nuts for laundry!

I’d like you all to be able to make your money stretch that bit further and so, until the 31st August 2015- if you sign up using my link and enter the code ‘Minimalist‘ you will get 70SB for FREE! Please note: To enter the registration code, you should click the text that reads “I have a sign up code” as you’re initially signing up.

Happy Swagging Everybody!


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