Ideas2Action- a local voluntary organisation that is a Zero Waste dream!

I was reading the local freebie paper that comes through the door every week. This is one piece of ‘junk mail’ I am happy to receive because it keeps me up to date with local events and information. The article claimed that a local group needed biscuit wrappers to help with their fundraising. This immediately caught my attention because biscuit wrappers are one of those things that have to go straight in the bin.

They have set up a fantastic directory called ‘We Need That!’ where local groups such as; churches, play groups, charities, schools etc can list items they need. See link to the latest edition below:

A quick read of this shows that there are local groups requiring almost any item you could possibly think of! I’m excited because it looks like I should be putting barely anything in either the bin or the recycling bank in the future! They want jumpers to unpick for wool, foil, milk bottle tops, lolly sticks, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, pallets, flower pots, match boxes, printer cartridges, even dry tea bags!!! And SO MUCH MORE!

I am so excited that a group of local people have had the foresight to set this organisation up. I am posting here because it might give other Zero Waste peeps the inspiration to do the same locally. All we need to do now is spread the word far and wide because we have the power to re-use an awful lot of waste here! Annoyingly Facebook wouldn’t even let me post the link because it claimed ‘other people had reported it as abusive content’! So, I am blogging about it and posting my blog link instead.

If you need any further information, the article states that you can contact Monique at Ideas2Action. or call 07771 705662.

4 thoughts on “Ideas2Action- a local voluntary organisation that is a Zero Waste dream!

  1. Fantastic idea! I will get more information on it and see what type of thing is going on in my little part of the world. I know there are a lot of things collected and made for various causes, but not sure what it all includes. Thanks for the post. 🙂

  2. So glad this has been inspirational! I’ve realised I am going to need to get a proper organisation/ storage system going, in order to store all of the items that people are asking for!

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