Glass containers

I’ve been keeping an eye out for glass containers, to use as an alternative to plastic. I found these fabulous retro Electrolux ones in a charity shop. From my research, I believe they would have originally been used in a caravan fridge,, many years ago. This makes them ideal for storing items in the fridge- the long one is perfect for bacon and the smaller one for cold meats. I wouldn’t risk putting vintage glass in the freezer, or any glass that isn’t certified as suitable. You don’t need broken glass shards around food that you were going to eat! I took a couple of different shots, so you can see them from different angles- there are just 2 of them.

IMG_2092 IMG_2093


For freezing, I came across these Pyrex dishes with rubber & plastic lids (yes, there is a small amount of plastic in them, but it won’t come into contact with the contents. They are specially designed to go straight from freezer to microwave or oven. They work brilliantly and have a special vent in the lid, which you can raise if you are going to microwave something. I bought all 4 that they had in the shop and they cost around £20 for the lot- good old TK Maxx!

The plus points are that these should last a lifetime, they can be endlessly washed and re-used. They won’t stain like plastic can and we won’t be getting horrible chemicals leaching into our food.

6 thoughts on “Glass containers

  1. Reblogged this on homemade naturally and commented:
    I always use glass containers now and am slowly getting hubby to do the same although I have not thrown away (as in donated to thrift store) all his plastic containers it is getting there. Think about the money you save in not using baggies.

  2. Let me know how you get on using glass to transport items. I’m not yet brave enough to take them out of the house! We have started to try the Japanese art of Furoshiki (cloth folding) to wrap some food items. We are still using some cling film and some plastic pots, but it’s a journey. My husband has (voluntarily!) switched to a glass water bottle, but it has a metal cap and a silicone sleeve, so I feel happier about it being harder to break. I have thought of using tins for lunch boxes as I remember my Dad taking lunch tins when I was a child.

  3. How lucky you were to find these. I have yet to find glass storage containers at thrift shops and figured people were holding on to what they have to avoid plastic.

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