Now, this is a little detour from my normal fodder. However, I find Swagbucks allows me to regularly treat myself and others. You can redeem for all sorts of vouchers, but personally I choose Amazon as they give the best return for my bucks. In the last month, I have been able to buy all sorts of things that move us closer to becoming Zero Waste- all at no cost to myself. This is where my lovely Kilner kitchen composter came from (featured in a previous post), I also got some opaque glass bottles with metal lids for homemade toiletries, a metal spray bottle for homemade cleaners and they sell all sorts of things- like Dr Bronner’s Castile soaps too.

Surely Zero Spend is related to Minimalism and Zero Waste, so I just want to do a really quick post to let you know how I achieve this.

I have earned £800 earned to date and been signed up since 2012. It did take me a while to get the hang of the site, but now they have mobile phone apps you can run whilst you get on with your day. So you really can get money for doing nothing! Currently I make around £50 a month from this site which is not insignificant.

I don’t really want to veer too far off my normal topic, by going into the ins and outs of this site. There are enough other sources of information out there. However if you’re stuck I’d be happy to help, if you care to comment. Please consider using my link below to sign up.


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