Focussing the Mind

We are moving house again, yes- I know I’ve mentioned this before! I have realised how we need that goal, the deadline of moving day, that little bit of pressure in order to focus the mind and really minimise our belongings. Maybe it’s the thought of boxing up all your belongings again? Maybe it’s the thought of the cost of paying someone to move all that stuff that you don’t really need? Maybe you realise that some of this stuff really doesn’t have any value and needs to go? Maybe you realise that you’ve not used this stuff in years, or ever? Maybe it’s time to let it go to someone who will use it? Whatever the motivation, it gives that much needed impetus that gets you further towards your goal.

Once again, I was deluded and genuinely didn’t think there was anything left that could go. But I’ve found myself letting go of all sorts, here’s a short list:

  1. Computer cables
  2. Webcam
  3. Mouse
  4. Craft magazines
  5. Craft supplies
  6. Pen torch
  7. Old wifi router
  8. Wooden storage box
  10. Set of drawers
  11. Clothing
  12. Garden & household tools
  13. DIY equipment
  14. Computer programmes

Maybe those will give you some starting points? It still sickens me to think how much stuff we still have left and how much we were harbouring. The world would be a very different place if we hadn’t invested in all those wasted resources, in so many ways. I don’t think that we- in the developed world, ever really stop to consider just HOW MUCH we really do have. Maybe you’ll take a moment to stop and ponder this today.

2 thoughts on “Focussing the Mind

  1. I find that whilst I love the idea of decluttering and minimalising BEFORE the move, it is actually more likely to happen afterwards. I find I’m so busy packing and sorting beforehand that everything just gets chucked into boxes, and at the other end I actually question whether I need things and whether they’ll be useful.

    plus I find little and often is the best (only?) way for me. Get rid of a few things, and then go back a bit later and get rid of a few more. It’s less painful that way! : )

    • I think everyone has their own way of doing things. I recently helped my parents downsize, but despite my best efforts- probably 50% of the minimising happened beforehand and the rest afterwards, when they realised they really didn’t have enough space! I agree, little and often seems to be the most effective way. I don’t think I could cope with the shock of getting rid of everything all at once. The Minimalists (Fields and Milburn) advocate boxing it all up and then getting rid of it afterwards, as you realise you don’t need the stuff in the box.

      I guess I’m quite an organised person, so I start well in advance. Not everyone has that luxury, particularly if you’re renting and only get a month’s notice.

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