Minimalist loft/ attic

Have you tackled your attic? I thought it was about time for me to get on top of ours. Actually having an attic is a new experience for us, we lived in a flat for years with no storage space other than an under stairs cupboard. That was tough! Yes, it makes you minimalist, but you can never keep the original boxes that things come in which is incredibly useful if you move often. You also can’t fit anything large in an under stairs cupboard which can be very limiting….if say you want to take up canoeing! I digress….

These are the pictures of the newly tidy loft- once again I failed to take before pictures. But imagine your typical loft, filled to the rafters with stuff you don’t need! I have taken about 10 bags to charity shops, recycled a number of bags of cardboard, sold anything of value and given stuff back to their rightful owners.

Admittedly we are lucky that someone who owned this house before us thought to put some storage bins and a large cupboard in which has helped us to organise the space. It also helps that the whole attic is carpeting and boarded, so we can put stuff wherever we like.

But I am super happy at how little we have up here. I still think there are some more items that will go in time, but a lot of them relate to the work I used to do which I do actually hope to go back to at some point. Hence why I am holding onto boxes of musical instruments because they would be prohibitively expensive to replace. I also think I will one day get to the point when I can relinquish my University notes, but that is not right now. What we do have are boxes to protect items when we move again.

Clearing this room in particular has really allowed me to see and feel the benefits of minimalism most clearly. I am certain when we next move that we will only be taking things we actually use, there is a great feeling of freedom in that! There is also an enormous sense of peace at knowing everything is tidy up here and I know exactly what we do have and where to find it, most importantly!

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