Virtual minimalism

Well, we all know about decluttering our homes. But what about the virtual spaces we inhabit everyday?

I decided it was time to sort out my inbox. I spend too much time every day deleting emails I don’t want to receive. It wasn’t until I read this idea on another blog- now I forget where- that I realised I could hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button! So, every time these unwanted emails come through, instead of just deleting them- I actually take the trouble to unsubscribe. It only takes a few moments, but think of all the time I will have gained back in the longer term!

In light of this, I can thin k of a few other ways to clean up- virtually. I am going to tidy up my desktop and get rid of all those unwanted icons. I am going to delete files and folders that I no longer need.

Whilst you’re at it- why don’t you also empty your recycle bin and run a defragmentation and a disk cleanup, to maxmise the functioning of your machine?

Any other tips for virtual minimalism? I would love to hear them.


One thought on “Virtual minimalism

  1. I can’t say what others should do, but we dumped our internet a few years ago and it was very freeing. We are going the same route with our smartphones at the end of the month and our house will be a virtual free zone- reality zone? 🙂

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