New Year- let the clearing our recommence!

Well, I have got back to downsizing our belongings. So far, I am quite impressed with how this month has gone.

  1. I have given away 2 1/2 Christmas cakes to appreciative homes
  2. I have sold 3 brand new photo frames that we unearthed in our loft
  3. I have bought a new pair of boots because my old ones were wearing through, but I have even managed to sell the old ones to someone who wants to re-heel and re-love them
  4. I have sold over 50 books, both on Amazon, eBay and through We Buy Books
  5. I have sold around 25 DVDs both on eBay and We Buy Books
  6. I have sold 3 shirts and given 3 away
  7. I have cleared the window sills in our lounge and bedroom again, with the aim of keeping these clear!

Now it’s time to start looking for more items to get rid of and ways to downsize. How is your minimising going? Do fill me in on your story.

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