Time to eat my words!

less is more

Do you remember my post, lamenting the acquisition of a fridge/ freezer which was much smaller than I would have chosen? Here’s a brief refresher;

“The thing is not only is the freezer on this fridge freezer tiny, but the fridge is a lot smaller than our current one. Now I’m all for minimalism (you know this by now!) but, I also believe in home-cooking. This means I often have a lot of things in my fridge, particularly if I’ve made a big lasagne for example and a pudding. Or I’ve got a big piece of meat in, just waiting to be cooked as a roast dinner. I just know it wouldn’t all go in”.

And now it’s time to eat my words!!! Not only is the smaller fridge freezer more than adequate. We have actually just sold our old larder fridge. The one I thought I’d have to keep in the next room or the shed, for extra space. Well, I quickly realised it was a) in the way and b) going to use up needless electricity for the amount of stuff that would be in it and c) it was not going to do it any favours to keep turning it on and off, as required.

We are lucky that we do have an additional freezer in the shed, but actually it took me 3 weeks to get enough stuff to warrant turning it on. And really it’s still half empty and I could get away with not buying the items to fill it! Wow, what a turn around. You just don’t know until you try it. You think you can’t live with less and actually you can. Lesson learned (hopefully)…now to apply it to another area of life.

Maybe less is MORE after all? 😀

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