Car booting



I spotted a car boot very local to us and I persuaded my husband to accompany me. He hates car boots, but I absolutely love them! The thrill of selling your stuff and quickly building up hard cash, watching all that tat you probably would have thrown away actually working for you, feeling gratified that someone else has a use for it and it didn’t have to go to landfill- the reasons are many! Above is a picture of what we brought back (I didn’t have time to take a before picture because we only decided to go a few hours in advance, so it was a mad dash!) But, you wouldn’t have seen the carpet before! Plus, in addition to freeing ourselves from that burden- physically and emotionally, we are now £60 better off!

Most of what we took and sold was family stuff that we have inherited since we moved. We moved into a family home, I wish I’d made them empty it first! But really either way it would have fallen to us. Going through the loft in preparation was an eye opener, there were so many empty boxes. You know, computer parts that they pad out in fancy cardboard boxes, to make you feel like you are getting more for your money. The psychology behind it is convincing to many.

Anyhow, most of what is left will be going to a charity shop or being freecycled on Monday. Then we will just about be back to where we were before we moved. Then I can concentrate on really paring down our belongings to the minimum amount that we need to live. I am looking forward to achieving that.

I’d really recommend a car boot to those of you UK readers. I think they’re the equivalent of a US Garage Sale. We paid a minimal £5 entrance fee, which went to a local charity in this case. It was 3 hours of minimal effort, in a beautiful location and it allowed us to shift some more stuff quickly! We have found from experience, that small car boots are MUCH better. You will get a better return and get rid of more stuff because you naturally have less competition. Why not give one a try and let me know how you get on?

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