Frugal Living Tips 2

Here’s the next installment of my frugal living tips!

  1. Does that item have a 2nd use? Use your old toothbrush to clean up the grout in your bathroom and all those tough places to reach, like round the taps. Re-use carrier bags as bin liners. Re-use that newspaper when painting or cleaning your shoes.
  2. Shop around. Take this example, my local superstore stocks several varieties of tinned coconut milk. If you go to the obvious place in the store, you will pay the maximum price. However, look around in the specialist sections for different nationalities (like Polish or Caribbean) and you will find the same product (albeit a different label) for half the price!
  3. Shop yellow stickies! Go to your local supermarket or corner shop and look for the reduce section. Daily, you will find an ever changing array of foods that are close to their use-by date, at a hefty discount! Put the perishables in the freezer and just take out what is needed. Fruits and veggies are easy to tell when they’ve gone off and it’s rarely at their use-by date! They will keep for a few more days, no problem. You can also find items with damaged packaging at a fraction of their usual cost.
  4. Sell your unwanted items- try eBay, car boot sales, freeads, friends- whatever!
  5. Trade-in your old books, CDs, clothes, computer games & DVDs. Try sites like Zapper, WeBuyBooks & Amazon.
  6. Sign-up to survey sites and add £100s to your income each year! Try YouGov & IPSOS as good starting places.
  7. Adopt my motto- never pay full price for anything! Wait until the item you need comes on sale or offer. After of course, shopping around for the best price!
  8. Down-shift a brand. Do you always buy brand names- then you’re paying too much for most things! Try the store brand of baked beans, stuffing, mustard. No doubt you’ll find it’s just as good. Already buying store brands? Then try the basic or economy range. 7 times out of 10, we can’t notice any difference and often there are less unpronounceable ingredients!
  9. Stock up! When that item you use regularly is on offer, stock up! Put it away in a cupboard and you’ll thank yourself later on.
  10. Batch cook. Make double what you need and freeze half. You’ll soon see the savings on ingredients and electricity or gas adding up!

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